This is a short list of common assumptions people make about fitness and why they’re wrong.

When you stop working out, your muscle turns into fat.

Muscle and fat are two completely different tissues in the body. They function differently and malfunction differently. They aren’t interchangeable. What happens instead is you’re losing muscle mass as you’re gaining fat.

I don’t have to diet if I work out.

Diet is 80% of, not only a weight loss plan, but a healthy lifestyle plan. You can be very aesthetically fit and still have a heart attack from too much bacon.

Lifting weights will make me bulky.

Getting bulky is first of all genetic, secondly, not something that women have to worry about as we have too much estrogen, and lastly something that for many, takes a lot of work. If, when you work out, you’re not supplementing and trying to get big, except for those men who get that way naturally, it won’t happen.

I just want to lose my belly.

You can’t spot reduce. That means you can’t lose weight in one area and not another, you lose weight everywhere. Also, having great abs happens in the kitchen. The good news is you can spot gain in muscle. Afraid to lose all that junk in the trunk as you get smaller? Focus on squats and leg workouts.

If I lift weights it will make me a slow runner.

As a runner, lifting weights will actually make you faster. The stronger your muscles are, the more endurance you will have, and the faster you will be.

If I want ripped abs, I have to do a lot of sit-ups and crunches.

While sit-ups and crunches may build strength in the abdominal core, they are actually really bad for your back. It’s not worth the strain. Try planks instead.







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