The mastermind of bringing beauty to life!

Professional makeup artist, Naima Jamal has been in love with art all of her life. She went from strutting down the runways to creating sassy looks for starlets of all backgrounds. Today she is a makeup extraordinaire slaying the faces of stars such as Sherri Shepherd, Yvette Nicole Brown, Lisa Leslie, and many more.

Can you describe how you first got into your career as a make-up artist? How did you know that this was the path you were supposed to take?

I’ve always been an artist. My whole life I’ve loved music, fashion, or anything about art. I used to be a fitness model for Reebok, so I was able to travel to New York while I was in college to do fittings. I was a hair model too, where I did a lot of platform work. I had to get my makeup done a lot so I started understanding how they would do it. I started booking myself to do other people’s makeup and eventually got a job at MAC. My job chose me; it was the only thing that came to me easy.

If you weren’t a make-up artist, what do you think you would’ve been?

I really don’t know. I was in school to be a physical therapist but I didn’t make it to physical therapy school. I guess that’s what it would’ve been or just a wife and mom.

What is your most favorite thing about makeup?

There are so many things. My two favorites would be: product, the evolution of it, packaging, and having something new and shiny on my station. The second would be the actual glam and rut itself. It’s almost like being at the hair salon. You talk about fashion, trends, you laugh, and it’s just my favorite time of day. It’s when everyone is on the same page. We have so much fun.

Is there anyone that has inspired you in your career?

So many things inspire me, I can’t think of one thing or person. It’s a gallery of things but most of all experience and learning day by day.

What is something you always have in your kit regardless of who you are working on?

I keep a great assortment of lashes. Niecy Nash’s mom actually calls me “Lashes,” so I must talk about them a lot. I’ve noticed some make-up artists only keep one or two styles of lashes, I like to have at least have 20 to 30 different styles of lashes. I really think that it can make it or break a look. I love to create my own version of lashes to match the style.



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