Nakita Nicci is the breakout star of Bravo television’s docu-series, To Rome for Love.  The voluptuous beauty stole America’s hearts with her funny commentary and transparency about her weight struggles. While the world watched if the reality star found love on the show, the Savvy CEO – discovered a new-found love for community relations. Restructuring her company Lanique Virtual Solutions, a call center dedicated to women who suffer from chronic conditions, Nakita teamed up with Know1Radio executive Que Johnson and the dual started; “The Media Doctorz, a full-service communication firm offering public relations, branding, call center, and more.  

In 2019 Nakita is back with a slim waistline, glowing skin, and booming new business venture. Nakita’s sharp eye for detail and creative business mindset has watchers calling her the real-life Olivia Pope. We caught up with Nakita to find out why! 

Tell us about The Media Doctorz?  

The Media Doctorz is a Full-Service Communications firm focusing on small business owners who are looking for more exposure for their brand. We find fun and innovative ways to market your brand to the public and make sure you are noticed. My partner Que and I both had our own booming businesses, she had her radio show, work with BET, and TMZ and I write for several major media publications in addition to my call center so merging and starting The Media Doctorz was really a no brainer.  The name started as a joke I used to say about working with one of my clients, my man friend actually suggested I brand the name; so we did. Lanique is still in business just going in a different direction, stay tuned in 2020. Our call center clients payroll will be processed through Lanique Virtual Solutions. 

What’s the biggest tip you would give a client dealing with a public crisis?  

Depending on the scenario, silence is golden. Every issue doesn’t warrant a response. Sometimes no response is a response. It doesn’t mean you have something to hide – it just means you need time to think. Especially in an era where social media can literally make or break your career, don’t get caught up going back and forth with people. If necessary, issue a statement via your representation and move on. If you are wrong, apologize for it. The public usually forgives when you are honest.  

How should one deal with public criticism or attacks – can you give us an example?  

 Make the block button your friend. Your peace of mind and time management is your number one priority. However, sometimes, public scrutiny happens and a response is inevitable. I have a client, a local a politician, Committeeman Kevin Bailey, who is a candidate for Alderman in Chicago, recently came under attack by an opponent Jeanette Taylor who contacted and harassed Bailey’s 89-year-old “out of town” grandmother. I released a public statement, followed by a video message from my client and filed a complaint. At this point, the authorities will have to step in because we can’t take too much time away from servicing his community.     

When dealing with high profile clients, how do you keep tabs on all of the media going out?  

I place media alerts on all of my clients in not only their business name but their government and nicknames as well. This way, when something hit the internet about them, I get an email about it shortly afterward. This determines if I should release a counterstatement.

People are calling you the real-life Olivia Pope, are all of your clients political giants?  

LOL Not at all! I was handling media for Kevin prior to Media Docs so he was grandfathered in. While I am completely flattered by the Olivia Pope comparison, I inspire to be more like Michelle Obama with Olivia’s closet, lol.  Que and I have a strict interview process– keep in mind we are a boutique firm so we don’t accept just anyone. We carefully select people whom we feel we would enjoy working with and vice versa. We didn’t go into business to be stressed out with incompatible clientele. We have a relationship boot camp agency, international speakers, hair agencies, celebrity stylist and more.  

Why does businesses need a firm like The Media Doctorz? 

If you’re in business, you should have three key things. An accountant, an attorney and someone for brand management. Your business is your legacy, invest in it and protect it at all cost. It’s not a matter of if you can afford these key things, you can’t afford to not have it.  

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