You should always be conscious of what you’re putting on your body, especially your face!

Beauty lovers, you should consider that natural and organic beauty brands are THE brands to shop from. For some reason, when I think of natural and organic beauty products, I think of natural-looking, barely-there makeup and well, I couldn’t be more round.

Consider these all natural and organic beauty brands the next time you’re out shopping in order to look and feel better as the days pass!

Kosås Cosmetics

photo obtained on Kosas Cosmetics’ official Instagram

Every single product from Kosås contains active botanicals and the pigmentation is insane! My favorite product from the line is their all-natural lipsticks. They come in super-chic, oh-so-classy black packaging.

Au Naturale Cosmetics

photo obtained from Au Naturale Cosmetics’ official Instagram

Skin is supposed to look and feel good always, whether you’re wearing makeup or not. Au Naturale was created with all natural ingredients and offers a large variety. From powders to your lippies, they’ve got it all and they’re coming to replace all the beauty products you’ve got in your makeup collection.

Juice Beauty

photo obtained from Juice Beauty’s official Instagram

I have never come across a brand that is careful in ensuring that their ingredients are organic! The name itself made me gravitate towards it (the first thing I thought of was green juice) and all their products do not contain toxins, pesticides, synthetics, and fertilizers. There hasn’t been a product from the brand that I did not enjoy and I know you will love it just as much!

lilah b.

photo obtained from lilah b.’s official Instagram

I was just introduced to lilah b. and I don’t know about you but I am a SUCKER for cute packaging. Fun sized yet simple, their chic swivel compact is the definition of clean beauty! All their beauty products as free of gluten, sulfates, parabens, and contains aloe and botanicals.

BITE Beauty

BITE Beauty’s official Instagram

Not only is it natural but it is also organic! BITE Beauty is adored for their luxe lipsticks which believe me when I say is the most creamy and hydrating lipstick out there! They are made with 12 oils and the shade range is absolutely insane! The long-lasting lipstick also adds antioxidants to the lips while making you feel beautiful! That’s a double win in my book.



Featured Image obtained from lilah b.’s official Instagram