After singing beautifully through pain and hardship on NBC’s national singing competition show, The Voice, Felicia Temple is ready to release her debut EP, “The Balancing Act”. The soulful EP is set to release on Friday, June 23, with the six original track project being both written and produced by her. This EP will showcase her sultry, powerful vocals and moving lyrics.

“I worked on this EP all in one-day,” the artist said. “I took a very old school approach, my dad even hopped on the drums and played a little percussion on it.” “I’ve been singing all my life, I used to do my homework in the studio, it’s something I’ve always done, so finally getting a chance to share this with the world feels amazing.”

In June 2015, Temple was diagnosed with carcinoid cancer, undergoing six rounds of chemotherapy and an extensive abdominal surgery. The artist proclaims that without a doubt, she believes this to be her strongest body of work to date and that it is a reminder that something beautiful can come out of something so horrible, even cancer.

“Some of the inspiration for this album came from receiving calls from so many people who would encourage me and let me know that everything was going to be alright while I was sick with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy,” she said. This EP is a dedication to all of those people.”

Temple said that she put each of the actual voicemails she received on this EP.

The Balancing Act was worked on while The Voice was airing. The determination for Temple was on another level with all of the rehearsals, preparation going on behind the scenes, practices with vocal coaches, hair and make-up and going through personal challenges, people would think the contestants barely had time to eat and sleep.

Competing on the national singing competition show on Alicia Key’s team and then transitioning to Blake Shelton’s team was huge and appreciated platform for the artist because it allowed her to tell her story of fighting cancer and share her God-given gift of music with millions around the world.

“It’s funny because I initially did not want to audition for the show,” Temple said. “The show actually found me last April. I had recently been diagnosed with cancer and when they called and said “hey I think you would be a great addition to the show, we think you should audition”, I thought no way, I was undergoing chemo treatments and in and out of the hospital, but then I thought it over and I said I sing, it’s what I love to do, so I gave it a shot, I thought it was cool and it turned out great!”

She became a stand out from day one, singing show-stopping ballads including: “All I Could Do Was Cry,” “Titanium,” “My Heart Will Go On,” and “Defying Gravity.” Felicia’s story inspired millions of cancer survivors and musicians alike.

“Music just kind of kept me sane, it helped to distract me from my current situations,” she said. “I won’t say that it was not challenging because I was at times fresh off of chemo and during some of the recordings, I was still experiencing side effects from the treatments.”Temple says at some point during the competition she had to take chemo and then get right on stage to perform for the television show.“I don’t know how I got through many of those performances, I kind of got used to it, I guess. I look back and think to myself how in the world did I do that,” she said.

Photo: Courtesy of NBC

The New Jersey native didn’t do it because she had to, in fact, in 2013 while music has always been her greatest passion she has also always been fascinated with medicine and helping people, so she obtained a degree in nursing and went to work in the medical field, but pursuing her solo career also had a very special place in her heart.

A special moment that Temple says she will never forget is when Grammy Award winning artist Alicia Keys turned her chair for her and she chose her as a coach on the show.

“When Alicia turned her chair for me I could have gone home and been done right then, I really love Alicia Keys, she is the reason why I started singing and playing the piano and how I got the nickname ‘Felicia Keys’,” she said. “When she came up to sing with me all I kept thinking was, I hope I can remember the words to the song, I can’t mess this up, I am a huge fan, and it was an incredible moment.”

Post The Voice Temple says very rarely does anyone really recognizes her in her hometown, although while working at the hospital she’ll get from the patients, “Omg you are the nurse from “The Voice.”

Temple says she looks forward to all of her supporters listening to the EP and in the future she hopes to work with so many artist, some just to name a few are Bryan Michael Cox, Pharrell Williams, Calvin Harris and her friend from The Voice, Vanessa Ferguson.

“If you want something go after it, that’s the first thing that you have to start with, you have to have thick skin, believe in yourself, if you don’t no one else is going to believe in you.” – Felicia Temple


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(EP Cover: John Lee Wall, Featured Image: NBC)