Drama, sex, lies, and #goals. ‘Ambitions,’ the much anticipated new series from OWN network is premiering Tuesday, June 18 at 10/9C. The interconnected lives of the Lancasters, Carlisles and everyone in between makes for addictive TV.

Set in Atlanta, the show stars Stephanie Carlisle played by Robin Givens and Amara Hughes played by Essence Atkins, as ex-friends and Sorority Sisters with old scores to settle. Produced by Will Packer and created by Soap Opera savant Jamie Giddens, Ambitions is full of bonafide drama and certified thrills!

Although the show is packed with seductive, soap opera drama. The original writing team took care to make sure substance was thrown in as well. The team included Award-winning Writer/Producer Trey Anthony (Da’ Kink In My Hair, How Black Mothers Say I Love You). Anthony’s writing helps establish depth in the narratives featured in the show, addressing topics like gentrification, justice, and LGBTQ identity in a racially empowering discourse that diminishes stereotypes.

“Amara and Tituses story says families can stay together. . . It shows a black couple trying to make it in a professional environment,” Essence Atkins shared during our visit to the Ambitions set.

Sheen Magazine got exclusive insight from the cast about their thoughts on the show. Atkins who plays Amara in the show also shared: “The fun is in the dynamic.” “There are wrong choices and bad behavior, but there is no villain.Ambitions is definitely full of high-powered questionable behavior, the kind that makes for good TV.

Ambitions will air Tuesday nights at 10/9C on OWN. Click here for the latest updates and information about the show.

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