Hey, girl hey! Its March, which only means nice weather, and the appropriate time pull out the maxi dresses and strap on the power of the female, that’s right!

It’s women’s month all month long! We recently heard through the grapevine of a new web series exclusively for the LADIES! We took a moment to sit down and chat with the ladies of Closet chat to dig deep into the new series made by ladies, for the ladies!

  • The Peacemaker of the group, but don’t get it twisted – Our favorite Latina, Christina Murray did not come to play!
  • Fabulous, #girlboss well versed in the art of “the read” – Earlene Buggs Her words may cut with honesty, but her genuine spirit and wisdom will have you walking away new and better than ever, which is why we’ve dubbed her “The Physician.”
  • Felecia Henderson– First Lady and business mogul.

How did Closet Chats come about?

Closet Chats came about when the three of us were on a couples vacation together with our husbands in Miami. We collectively decided that we were finally ready to have a different level of conversation between us and that we could encourage and inspire women all over the world by sharing that dialogue on an international platform. Many women struggle with low self-esteem and suffer in silence because they don’t have the tools needed to overcome the debilitating effects of shame, secrecy, and lies. Transparency is our SUPER-POWER. When we realized that women from all nationalities and backgrounds had similar struggles and were looking for something authentic and real, we knew we had to bring this idea to life. Closet Chats was produced to give women everywhere a safe place to be vulnerable and the courage and confidence to address and tackle subjects that we all struggle with but may not have the right circle of friends who can empower and encourage us to live in truth. No subject is off limits in the closet. We realized that although we were so close as friends, our experiences and perspectives were sometimes worlds apart. We are similar in that we are powerful, beautiful and intelligent wives, mothers and entrepreneurs. But we each have our own individual struggles such as divorce, teenage pregnancy, being raised by a single mother, absentee fathers, childhood abandonment and mother-n-law issues. Developing compassion and gaining an understanding of our differences became the foundation for the most beautiful sisterhood. The closet is a judgment-free zone. We don’t pretend to have all of the answers, and we don’t always agree, but we know how to ask the right questions. The closet is a safe place for us to figure out the answers to life’s most challenging questions together with love, laughter and full transparency.I personally feel that self-care and soul-care is one of the most important things a woman can learn to do.

As women what issues do you feel need more awareness?

We all agree that the subjects that need more awareness are all the issues we speak about in private but are ashamed to address in public because we are afraid of being judged or because we think we are the only ones facing that particular challenge. We all have those deep emotional feelings that keep us awake at night, that have us believing that we are not enough during the worst of times! The journey to loving ourselves won’t be easy but it’s worth the work. Healing requires conversation in most cases. Most women just want to be truly “seen” and “heard.” In this over-produced, photoshopped society, it is difficult to tell the real from the fake. Real women are searching for the truth, they are no longer accepting the facade. Woman are conditioned to take care of everyone else and put themselves at the back of the line. Many of us have never been taught the importance of putting ourselves first. Self-care isn’t selfishness. The guilt that women carry when we find out that we can’t be all things to all people and fully love ourselves in the process. Sometimes we have to choose ourselves and that is ok. Another topic of major importance is figuring out who you are and what you want. Learning what self-esteem is and how to develop a healthy one is worth its weight in gold. Also, learning about the harmful effects of mental illness on families. So many of us are uneducated or in denial about the state of our mental health. We are being abused and don’t even know it.

As wives who chat, is there anything off limits? As married women do you share even your most intimate chats between your gal friend with your husband? Is your husband your best friend?

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that a man will never be everything I need. Sisterhood is an extremely important part of womanhood. We have to first invest in ourselves but then we must get beyond ourselves and invest in each other if we want to be fulfilled and live well-balanced lives. I have been with my husband since I was 12 years old and he was 13. I’ve never dated anyone else. He is absolutely my best friend. He is a great man, leader, and provider but he is not a woman. Sometimes it is difficult to connect on an emotional level. That is why I am so grateful for my girls. I consider myself to be an open book. I believe in discretion but I don’t subscribe to secrets and lies. So I do my best to live in truth, especially with the people I love. And I encourage everyone around me to do the same. There are very few things that are off limits with my girls. Transparency is our super-power. (I write this answer in the first person because some of the points don’t make sense in a plural tense but the answer is representative of points we each deem important.)

Closet chats- are these chats amongst one another or in the spirit as many use their “prayer closets” for dialogue with Christ.

Closet Chats is a religion. It is a way of life for those of us who want to live courageously. It is the place where grown women get to be transparent and free, it is the judgment-free zone. We chat about everything from love to betrayal to sex, marriage, and divorce. Nothing is off limits in the closet. In the closet is where life happens. It’s where you go to be closer to God. It is where you keep your most sacred possessions. It is where you hide from the world when you are feeling unworthy. Our goal is to reinvent the significance of the closet. The “new” closet is a place of refuge and empowerment for women who are courageous enough to live life on their own terms.

Define Closet Chats in three words.

Unfiltered, hilarious, and bold

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