Nicki Minaj loves her fans, there is no doubt about that!

Early last year, Minaj shocked everyone when she announced that she began responding to fans that asked for financial support to cover their college expenses.

Then at the start of the New Year, Nicki established #StudentOfTheGame initiative which gives her fans an opportunity to have a wide variety of college expenses. It includes anything from tuition, books, room and board, and more which will all be taken care of by Nick Minaj herself!

All fans have to do it tweet their needs including the specific amount you are requesting and use the hashtag #StudentOfTheGame. Nicki and her team will then search for their winners and message them privately to share their exciting news!

Many have already entered for their chance, the latest round of winners will be announced TODAY!

Good luck to everyone! What an amazing opportunity to give back to overachieving students!

Featured Image: Shutterstock