Young women and older women alike are pressured to have children and get married. Although, we know Oprah and Stedman will most likely never tie the knot, Shonda Rhimes dropped a similar bomb on us during “SuperSoul Sunday.”

Oprah mentioned how Stedman asked more than 20 years ago and the wedding never happened and neither did another proposal.
Oprah said during the candid interview, “I wanted Stedman to want to marry me. The moment he asked me to marry him I was, like… ‘Now I actually have to get married?’”
Rhimes has three daughters but never wanted to be married. “I love having boyfriends. I love dating,” Rhimes mentioned. “I do not want a husband in my house.” With Facebook feeds full of children and engagements, it’s not surprising that some women are avoiding marriage all together to pursue careers. What do you think?

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