Dr. Tosha Rogers is a well-known woman in the city of Atlanta, Georgia and making herself globally-known in a short amount of time. The Philadelphia native is a woman who excels in all she does as a career, mentor, and women’s advocate. We sat down with Dr. Tosha Rogers to discuss why people call her the truth, her nonprofit organization, Sisters, Caring & Sharing, and upcoming projects.

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself!

My name is Dr. Tosha Rogers. I am a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I was born and raised there. At the end of it all, I realized that enough was enough. I have to spread my wings because there is more to the world than Philadelphia.

I worked briefly in Greensboro, North Carolina for about four years. During that time I got married and blah blah blah (laughs). After the four years, I decided that that particular husband wasn’t for me. I packed up everything and moved to Atlanta. I started working in southwest Atlanta and that was kind of considered, not taboo but it’s the toughest neighborhood to work in. I loved it, I enjoyed the people, educating them, I love them!

After about three years, I decided to start my own practice so that I could talk to the ladies to educate and guide them. I opened my practice, which is Atlanta Premier, and seven years later, we’re still going strong.

What do you believe it is your mission to uplift women and educate them when it comes to matters of sex and pregnancy?

To be perfectly honest, for me to have a voice that patients are willing to listen to is a gift. Most doctors have that textbook language, studies show and do this. I don’t do that, I’m able to communicate with my patients. I’m able to have the gift of meeting people where they are. No matter who you are or where you are, I have the gift to meet you where you are. That made me realize that if I’m able to meet you where you are, I can educate you. I can talk to you and break through and I do! My patients hear me, they respect what I say because they realize that no matter who they are or where they are in their path of life, I’m going to respect them as well.

I feel like the most vulnerable demographic is African American women and I just have the (Thank God) gift to communicate with, educate, and get through to, and have great success rates with my GYN patients as well as my OB patients and I am really grateful for it.

Tell us about Sisters, Caring & Sharing.

Sisters, Caring, & Sharing is an organization that I developed and everything that we’ve been speaking about came from realizing that some young ladies are so misguided. We may have had if you want to call a “traditional family structure,” we may have had homes that were a little bit more stable but some ladies didn’t have mothers, aunts, or grandmothers to teach or educate them on proper behavior, etiquette, and being a lady. What my goal is is to pull these women that may not have anybody and they want to be someone but they just don’t know how. The organization was created to pull those girls from ages 9 to about 16 and pair them with a mentor in the line of work they’re interested in. These mentors are there to give the young ladies an aim or a goal.

What can we expect to see from Dr. Tosha Rogers in the future and what all do you hope to accomplish in life?

In the future, hopefully, the Dr. Tosha brand can go global! I want all ladies who feel like they can’t communicate or they haven’t been communicating with to have their questions answered. I want them to have the knowledge that they need to take care of themselves so we can be in a better place health wise.

I’m starting out with “Girls Night In” in Atlanta and we talk about men, sex, and relationships but overall ladies will be able to vent and have those conversations to help them learn something before they leave. Every event has gotten larger and larger. I’m hoping to take it state to state to reach out and educate all women, not just my patients.

I do have products coming called Clean and Cure; it is an all natural panty wash and essentially getting on a hygiene kick because that is a huge thing as well. I plan on teaching ladies how to clean and care for their panties, when to dispose of, and what to do with their underwear. The products are hypoallergenic, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben free, sulfate free, everything free panty wash that has been developing!

Also, a vaginally delivery drape for women who have vaginal deliveries. It is a drape to cover the anus so that when they are having babies. Most women who have vaginal deliveries have bowel movement when they push. This drape covers the area and decreases the amount of embarrassment and risk of infection.

I am South Fulton’s HIV prevention ambassador. The most vulnerable demographic is African American women and especially here in Atlanta. My goal is to have every black woman start a prep therapy or at least understand and now how one pill a day decreases the risk of infection by 90%!

Essentially, I just want to take the Dr. Tosha brand of medicine and teaching to make African American women feel comfortable with going to the doctor and speaking their truth so they can get honest help. That is my ultimate hope and goal. 

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