Congratulations Oprah!

The media maven will be honored with her very own exhibit at the National Museum of African American History.

The exhibit will be titled, “Watching Oprah: The Oprah Winfrey Show and American Culture”.

It is being created to honor her career as a journalist, businesswoman, actress and much more.

According to the Washington Post, it will feature personal photos and videos, movie costumes, and more!

The museum’s director, Lonnie G. Bunch III stated,

“What’s interesting is the same way America thought about Walter Cronkite — you could trust Walter Cronkite and his opinion — they trust Oprah. An African American woman becomes the person America turns to… We made sure there was a bright line, that this was done by the museum and museum scholars.”

Congratulations Oprah! We cannot think of a more deserving woman to receive this honor!

Featured Image: Shutterstock