With many black women who are natural or going natural, there is still a group of women who rely on the relaxer. But what about women who ride that fence of natural and relaxed? Well, ORS has formulated a product to also meet those needs.

  1. How did you all come up with the concept of the relaxer only targeting the edges, sides and back?

Hair trends inspired the creation of ORS™ Olive Oil Zone Relaxer™. For several years now, we have witnessed the right-sizing of the relaxer market with many consumers going natural. However, it was market research including market studies, focus groups and store intercepts, which allowed us to identify key shifts in consumer behavior. Of those still relaxing, we found many are relaxing less frequently than in the past. Many are using thermal styling tools such as flat irons to stretch in between relaxer touch-ups. Moreover, we uncovered targeted, small section relaxing has grown in popularity. There is a group of consumers who are relaxing a certain section of the hair (e.g. edges, low-cut sides, close backs) and not relaxing the whole head. Despite this growing trend, there was nothing on the market to address it….that is until ORS™ Olive Oil Zone Relaxer™. It is the first-ever targeted small section relaxer. We created a new category based on current trends and the growing needs of consumers.

  1. Will the consumer be able to use this in conjunction with their regular touch ups or is this strictly for women who don’t get regular touch ups?

ORS™ Olive Oil Zone Relaxer™ benefits all those with targeted, small section relaxing needs. So whether you are an “Edge-Upper” relaxing to keep your edges smooth, a

“Weave Blender” relaxing your leave-out to match your extensions or a “Semi-Natural” relaxing only a section of your head and leaving the rest au natural, this product is for you. As with all ORS™ Olive Oil relaxers, we recommend allowing 6-8 weeks between relaxer applications.

  1. How does the crème on crème formula protect hair from breakage?

 ORS™ Olive Oil Zone Relaxer™, the first-ever targeted small section relaxer, features a luxurious crème base and crème activator which offers easy and precise spot-on application. Plus, the system is infused with moisturizing olive oil which helps protect the hair during the relaxing process.

Featured Image: provided by ORS Olive Oil