Will Packer and OWN TV collaborated to create a reality dating series that’s in a league of its own. This reality series wasn’t about one night stands, girl fights, or pointless relationships. The cast on this show were all mature adults with the youngest cast member being age 31. They are all established adults looking for love in a city where they say it’s hardest to find! Welcome to Atlanta!

During OWN TV’s private premiere party in Atlanta, Georgia, SHEEN caught up with a few of the cast and got the chance to make our predictions early on who would be a few of the TOP catches on the show such as Michael, Aaron, Melinda, Shae, and Pastor Chris. It’s safe to say this show should definitely return for season 2 and this time allow the audience more time to get acquainted with the cast before sending them home. Will Packer definitely delivered with this outstanding group of personalities on season 1. Who’s your favorite so far?

Check out the exclusive below:

Video by Jerry Derwin

Featured Image: Oprah