Alonzo sure is one of the fastest up and coming influencers we’ve gotten to know! hair extraordinaire, wig master, hairstylist, all of the above! Alonzo Arnold has become a hit sensation! He is the hairstylist for Joseline Hernandez, Tiny Harris, Remy Ma, and many more! He is constantly showing us that he has such an influence on everyone to think outside the box when it comes to all things hair. We sat down with Alonzo to get the scoop on just who everyone cannot quit talking about!

Can you tell our readers a little about yourself? What made you decide to step into the hair industry?

Well, I’m Alonzo Arnold, born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. I have been doing hair for five years. Before hair, I was a waiter at Gladys Knight’s Chicken & Waffles. I was tired of working in that business so I decided to do hair because it was something I’ve always had interest in. I stepped out on faith and starting doing it on the side until my clientele got up.

Do you mind sharing a challenge you have had to face in order to get to where you are today?

I would say saving money. When my business started picking up, I would find myself using the business money to purchase personal things. Saving money was a big challenge for me. Also, education. At first, I just thought I could do everything. But, you can never be too good to learn and evolve.

What is something you believe most people don’t know about the hair industry?

People think the hair game is easy. The expectations people have for you changes. You go from a small clientele to a bigger clientele and your expectations for yourself begin to change because you have a reputation. From there, you go from a large clientele to being on television or fame that a lot of people in the glam industry have. A lot of people now a days see it and think that it’s easy. Just like any other industry, it is very difficult and it’s difficult to stay on top.

What advice would you give to new comers?

Come into this industry fully. Don’t have other things going on. I was that person who had a part time job on the side while trying to pursue this. I found myself having to choose. I quit the restaurant, did the hard work and made it happen. I would say don’t put your trust in a lot of people or let them discourage you from your dream if this is really what you want to do.

What is next for Alonzo? What can we expect to see in the future?

I have a tour coming up! I am going to six different cities. This will start in May. I will have that posted on my website and social media. I also have a couple of products coming out in my own haircare product line. I want to release it in August at Bronner Brothers! I will be appearing overseas as well.


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