Can you tell us more about Kristen Mason? 

I am a person that really believes in health and fitness as a way to empower people. I’ve been a Massage Therapist for nine years, a Personal Trainer for two and a Nutritional Consultant is a little newer, I started at the top of the year, but I definitely have been on my own personal fitness journey for the past three years. I was 220 lbs three years ago and pre-diabetic and taking Metformin for that and I just made the decision to change and in doing so, I saw how so many other things in my life including  my own perspective on life change.  I feel very impassioned to pass that on to other people that may not feel as empowered now as I do.

What motived you to want to assist others to better themselves?

It started gradually! As people that were around me begin to see me transforming, they begin talking about how inspiring it was and in my mind, I didn’t think I was inspiring anyone, I was just living life and I was just trying to be a better me and make myself happy. In doing so, I helped to spark a couple of other fitness journeys, one being that of my really closest friends and it just sparked an idea in my mind. I’m doing this and I’m helping people get fit and I’m not trained or anything, so let me get some training under my belt, let me get a little experience and just see where this goes. I already know about the body from being a Massage Therapist, but the more I learned about nutrition and learning about fitness as it pertains to the body, I just became more and more inspired and wanted people to feel that same inspiration. It came on slowly, but it wasn’t until the top of the year that I really realized that I had something special that I wanted to share with people and that’s how things really started to come together.

Is there an additional benefit having your Personal Trainer also as a Massage Therapist and why?

Absolutely! With a massage as with Personal Training, you have to understand how the body moves, so having that background in massages, definitely helps me be a more effective trainer.  If a client might have stepped wrong or might be sore and I’m able to give them a little massage before we start the training session and even after as well, it’s a nice little perk for them. It absolutely helps. (Laugh) I actually have a couple of clients that will schedule and Massage right before the training session, so people definitely take advantage of that and I appreciate that definitely, you always should.

Can you work with anyone, any age?

I am available to anyone that needs my services, but for some reason or another I have gravitated more towards athletes, at least that’s just what I’ve come across, especially pertaining to massage, most of my clients are Athletes either current or former. as it pertains to personal training, I work with everyone. I don’t mostly work with kids often, but I will and have, with training, I pretty much will work with everyone. When it comes to the Athletes while I’m messaging them, I’m also a personal trainer, so I can tell them what their works are and how they are doing them wrong.

Can you explain more about being a Nutritional Consultant? 

My official title would be a Fitness Nutritional Consultant, I’m not a nutritionist, I really don’t want to get people confused. A Nutritionist can actually prescribe things, but I advise people on healthy eating, nutrition is so important to any fitness plan. Everyone is quick to say, “I want Abs! I want a flat stomach!” Abs are 80%, so you can’t get those abs without eating correctly and knowing what works best for your body so I definitely incorporate that.


Can you tell us more about your book Train Right and Change Everything?

The book is more autobiographical, but that’s just the introduction, just so you can get to know a little more about me, who I am and where I’m coming from so you can get to understand the rest of where the book came about. Part one is about training your mind because everything starts in your mind. I could have never started on the journey that I did without first making the decision I had to make it up in my mind that this is exactly what I was going to do and I had to keep my mind focused the entire time. There were so many times that I wanted to just give up or roll over and not get up at 4:30 am or 5 am in the morning and workout and then go to work, then workout again, then get off and workout again.

In between all of that I would still be having to meal prep, which if anyone knows anything about meal prepping, it’s strenuous, I could have never had done it without first putting it in my mind and keeping my mind focused, so that’s part one. Part two is about trying your body and things they can teach you in the gym, the main example that I always use is called core training. You have to have a strong core in the gym to have a strong body and likewise in life, you have to have a strong core in life to have an even, balanced and healthy life. You have to have your core group that keeps you strong, your core values, your core belief systems, your core set of rules that you  go by so everything relates back to your core. It’s truly what keeps you strong in the gym and in life and I talk about that and actually give a few exercises and things that you can do to stay fit.

Part three would be about nutrition and how you can ease your way into a diet plan but I don’t get specific or preach about what diet plan you should be on because they have their pros and cons. Even some diets like a Paleo diet, it disagrees with itself, there’s a Paleo that goes strictly by the rules and there’s the 80/20 Paleo, that’s Paleo during the week and on the weekend you can do whatever you want. Then there’s an 80/20 Paleo where you eat 80% of your food paleolithic and 20% whatever you want. With that being the case, I don’t focus on what diet you should get on, just that you should pay attention to your body and find what works for you. If there’s not a diet out there with specific rules you can follow, make it up that’s how we came up with all the diets that we have out there, someone made it up because it worked for them and they wanted to share it with other people to see if it would work for them as well. I do say that eating organic is going to be better than eating GMO foods. I think we’ve all come to that conclusion already, though.

How can we purchase your book?

Right now, my book is available on Kindle, however, I am working on a second edition which should be available at the top of next year and that will be available for print! You don’t have to have a Kindle to get the book, you can download the app and it will work perfectly fine!

What’s next for Kristen Mason?

Right now, I’m working with a non-profit and trying to put together a program to teach children how to garden. I really do love children, I believe they’re our most important asset and I want to teach them early about eating organic, eating local, eating healthy and understanding what that does for their body. I also want to empower them. They’ll learn to be entrepreneurs in my programs and they’ll learn about communities, friendship, and have fun all while they learn about eating healthy and gain some new experiences. I’m definitely working on that right now, I should have that going near the top of next year. I am also looking to do some speaking engagements, I’ve been invited out to a couple of places and of course just continue to massage, continue to train, continue to advise on food and meet new people, gain new experiences as a client and that’s what I have going on right now? Also, I cannot forget (laugh), I’ve also created my own t-shirts, which I am sincerely pleased with and are now ready for purchase


How can people continue to follow you?

My website:

Facebook: TraceByKris

Instagram: @tracebykris

Twitter: @tracebykris