Germany based designer Pia Bolte started her career designing handmade, one-of-a-kind ‘Dirndl’ (traditional Bavarian dresses) for her ‘Herzi Dirndl’ label.

Clients quickly began asking her to design items they would be able to wear on a daily basis.


Since then she has created a variety of collections. These collections feature her trademark jackets which have appeared several times in New York Fashion Week including Society Fashion Week 2019. In her Fall 2019 Collection, each jacket is a one-of-a-kind, handmade, sort of a post-apocalyptic work of art. There were other recherché formal gestures, too, like luxe detailed lapels on jackets, the frothy frocks were emphasized in the women’s pixie dresses and bodysuits and she really drove home the patriotic flag symbolism throughout the collection.

A mix-mosh combination of leather, symbolic patches, textures and fabrics including denim and lace combined gives one the idea of how total chaos came together to form a perfect universe.

Perfectly matched, Pia collaborated with iconic shoe designer John Ashford who provided the footwear for all of the female models, and the Sultry Affair provided the eccentric accessories.

Her exceptional, creative approach to fashion has made her brand a success among her celebrity clients as well as fashionistas worldwide, this show made my Fashion Week one to remember.

This feature was submitted by Marcus Gregory Blassingame


Platform -The Society Fashion Week

Photographer -Leonard Bellamy 

Makeup -Team Marcello Costa

Shoes -John Ashford

Accessory -Sultry Affair