Elle Baez is a rising star, and she’s here to declare her place in the music industry once and for all. Putting on for her Latin community while pushing body-positivity and female empowerment, the singer-songwriter straddles the genres of pop and soul, wearing her heart on her sleeve with each release.

Now, she returns to unleash her first single of 2022, “Mister Possessive”, premiered today exclusively on Sheen Magazine. The record follows her previous release, her debut EP Bold Soul, delivering undeniably powerful vocals per usual. Her mantra? Be you, be sexy, and above all, be confident. 

Speaking on the making of the record, Elle states, “‘Mister Possessive’ was written in an all-women co-writing session (Elle Baez, Emma Wang and Sarah Vela). We went with the idea of a break-up song and I decided to channel a time in my life when I went through a pretty mentally exhausting experience leaving a controlling boyfriend. I felt like I couldn’t make my own decisions or choices and that thought of leaving the relationship was terrifying.”

She continues, “We started with this old-school guitar hook and the song really built itself. My favorite part was the concept of writing a letter for him because it contains all the info you could never say out loud and it’s perfectly written for him to come home and discover after I’ve already packed my bags and left. For the production, I brought in my killer female producer, Tiger Darrow. I love combining r&b and modern pop in my sound to make my own fierce combination. I was also super inspired by OG Kelly Clarkson records like ‘Miss Independent’, but making it the new 2022 version ;).”

“Mister Possessive” is for anyone who’s been in or is currently in a toxic relationship they feel trapped in, a soft reminder that you have autonomy to leave and forget them. It may be difficult at first, but Elle hopes this song can give you that strength. No one can possess you or control your every move. You are independent and deserve someone who will treat you RIGHT. They will find you, and it’s definitely not a “Mister Possessive.”