With a growing number of people adopting plant-based diets like vegetarian and veganism, or cycling detoxes throughout the year like Whole30 or a juice detox such as the one I will be participating in beginning November 5th, more and more ways to get your veggies to go have cropped up on retail shelves in the form of blenders and juicers. Getting to the point, the difference between the two is blenders liquify the food (or purée if it’s frozen), and juicers, in a self-explanatory kind of way, pull the juice from the food.

I’ve often been asked which is better or has more benefits. I’d have to say it depends on your goals. For everyday life meal replacements, I prefer blending. There are some awesome ones on the market, my top faves being the Vitamix, and the more affordable ninja, (the one I currently own). Find more awesome blenders ranked here. Juicing cuts out the filling fiber found in the pulp of fruits and veggies. I also have a bit of a moral dilemma, that being the hunger crisis of the world that flashes through my mind, weighing on my conscience whenever I see all the pulp in the trash. Luckily, a few geniuses have come up with remedies for that. You can find creative ways to use your pulp here.

In spite of my preference, I happen to be in the market for a juicer at the moment. I’m planning a 40 day fast á la the famed Dr. Sebi’s recommendations. According to him, this is when juicing is best utilized and I of course agree. Eliminating solid foods gives your digestive system a break and helps eliminate toxins. Find out more about Dr. Sebi here. But which juicer?

First things first there are two types of juicers you can get. Centrifugal juicers spin the food as it breaks it down to pull the juice out. This is fine if you’re just looking to drink some juice, but the spinning also breaks down most of the nutrients in the juice. So, my recommendation would be a masticating (chewing)  juicer. They’re a little more pricey but worth it. Masticating juicers press the food to pull the juice out preserving most of not all the vitamins and nutrients essential to feeding your body while cleansing as well. Here are the top masticating juicers.

I’m excited about this new journey into fasting, my first major cleans. I’ll keep you guys posted on the progress! Any questions or comments can be directed to

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