Talk about a strong, beautiful woman! Makeba Lindsay is all of that and more! The professional hair stylist and YouTube sensation has quickly become one of our go to girls when it comes to all things lifestyle. That’s right! Her channel covers everything from hair, lifestyle, beauty, recipes. In an exclusive interview with Sheen, Makeba gave us the inside scoop on just who everyone cannot quit raving about and we could not be more in love!

Can you tell our readers about yourself? What intrigued you to begin your YouTube channel?

I am a Professional Hair Stylist from Toronto Ontario, Canada. My parents are Jamaican. As a stylist, I built close relationships with my clients and as most people know, your hair stylist is also your therapist and confidant. I’ve talked to women from different walks of life about so many different things but they often asked me the same questions; “Keeb how do I curl my hair like that? What do you do when you work out? Whats that recipe?” So I wanted to create a space for other women to get this information, while exploring other areas that I am passionate about outside of hair. Hair brought people into my chair and then they would leave with info that could improve their entire lifestyle. And that is what my channel does beyond the people who get to sit in my chair. I am truly passionate about empowering women through practical information that they can use.

Do you remember when your love for beauty began? What is your definition of beauty? 

Growing up, my mother was also a hair stylist and I loved watching her do hair. I also loved doing my dolls’ hair, I fell in love with the transformations you could achieve and the way people where so uplifted when you helped them feel good about themselves. So I guess you could say I feel in love with beauty when I was around five, going to the salon with my mom.

My personal definition of beauty is being authentic and unapologetic, owning whatever it is that you are.

Sheen Magazine is the Ultimate Beauty Guide. What are your holy grail products?

There are a few but I’ll try to keep it super simple. Revlon Equave is one of my FAVORITE products, it’s a leave in conditioner spray that is super light weight, smells amazingly fresh and actually works on all hair types. People are crazy about coconut oil but olive oil is my joint! Mixing that into any treatments is gold! Also, my FHI blow dryer, get one and thank me later, game changer! 

You provide your viewers with so much of your personality, is there anything you believe your viewers don’t know about you?

Um, they might not know that I battle with depression. I consider myself to be a positive person but it definitely isn’t always easy breezy. I fight for it and have to crush the negative voices in my head. Affirmations are a staple in my life.

What is your favorite trend for the spring season, whether it’s beauty, hair, or fashion?

Giiiiirl! I am so glad that high waisted wide leg pants are BACK! I feel like its finally my time to live out my mothers era (Laughs). I love 70s fashion.

Can you tell us about your health journey? What inspired you to become a vegetarian and how has your life changed since?

About seven years ago my mom went vegan and I was like; “Hell no I’ll never give up chicken!” Two years and a couple documentaries later, I gave it up. I love the way that I feel now. Making a lifetime commitment to put your health first empowers you so much! You don’t feel like a victim of inevitable disease because the more you dig is the more you realize there are so many ways to protect and increase your quality of life.

Yes we’re all going to die one day, but while I am here and I want to be thriving!

What advice would you give to someone who may want to be a vegan or vegetarian but don’t know where to start?

Start slow, don’t go cold turkey, DO YOUR RESEARCH, understand why you are giving up meat so that you can actually last. When I was first making the change, I started with only buying chicken directly from this farm, and reducing how much I ate then I stopped cooking chicken at home and would only have it at social settings. Social settings are the most challenging, you have to change your way of thinking, then I stopped having it at social setting because the desire for it started to fade away and I started walking with my own food, i.e. veggie burgers at barbecues.

When you make the decision own it, and don’t let others judgment make you waver

What can we expect to see from Makeba in the future?

I’ll say it here. I’ll have my own show one day.

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