Psyche Terry is a woman that wears many hats. She’s a wife, a mother, and is also the founder and owner of UI Global Brands, a business built to the top with her husband by her side. Psyche met her husband in college and the two just knew they were destined to not only be together but to also do business together. The company the Terrys have created is vastly growing into other natural beauty areas. The two quit their full-time corporate American jobs to build a company that would leave a mark on the world. Today, their lines are sold in about 6,000 stores across the country. Mrs. Psyche Terry shares more on her life, career, and entrepreneurship.

You are a wife, mother, and entrepreneur of a multimillion dollar company, what would you say is the most rewarding of doing it all?

One of the most fun parts is when my kids recognize either the business that we’re doing or the retailers that we sell to. I didn’t grow up in a manner of an entrepreneurial home; I grew up in a teacher’s world, more educational centric. When my kid is able to recognize Macy’s or Target because mommy sells clothes to them, it really means a lot to me. I love that our family has the freedom to get together and train our children up to hopefully become business extraordinaires as well. I really love the next generation part of it and even the current generation of people that I’m able to inspire so that they can have that same freedom to inspire their kids or neighbors with the businesses that they’re starting.

Could you tell us about a challenge that you had to face to get to where you are today?

I always like to lean on my “white flag” story because it’s probably one of the most challenging I’ve had to face thus far. I was 36 weeks pregnant and I had two little kids. The factory that we were working with closed down and we still have over 75,000 products that we had promised to mass retailer stores such as Target, TJ Maxx, Marshalls. Our factory closed but I stood up for what I believe in. When we say we’re going to do something, we don’t have the luxury to not do it. The challenge for me was not being physically able to complete my mission. So, I soul searched and my husband and I created a factory in about three weeks. We pushed out 75,000 and more units with local church friends and people in the community to help us make products for these retail stores. I call it the “white flag” because we used every penny; we paid every person, every vendor. To have that stress on you, number one is insane. To have the time stress is also insane. But to be pregnant and worried every day that you’ll miscarry from the stress and the weight. My baby, I named her Faith, stayed until the very last unit was shipped out.

Is there something you wish someone would’ve told you about this industry before you got into it?

I wish someone would’ve told me to understand what makes me special and to live and die by it. I think it is important for new, upcoming brands is to know why they’re special. I wish someone would’ve helped me understand that being a spa brand isn’t special because there are so many out there. It could’ve saved us years of us trying to figure out what makes us special. I could’ve been more confident and pulled on the rims of my differences a long time ago. I could’ve been where I am a lot faster.

(CREDIT: Kauwuane Burton)

“As a female business owner, I was determined to make strong efforts to promote
positive images for women through my line of lingerie, so that they may feel
empowered, confident, and sexy, regardless of their body type.”

What do you think your future holds in terms of your business or life with your family?

We are a company that fills in opportunities. I can see us filling in any gaps where we might have the opportunity to shine. We’re not your average beauty company, bath company, or naturals company. We are a company for the people, meaning we put people’s needs first.

What does Urban Hydration mean to you?

We have this inside saying, “Urban Hydration is the jazz of farmers market meets neo soul.” It’s such a different maker, it’s new and refreshing. It means everything. It means that people don’t have to overextend to fit in a box; they can be okay with being natural. It’s a place where natural and neo meet.  We’ve created a brand where people are able to be free.

Check out UI Global Brands and more on the home of four different brands: Ubran Hydration – Natural Skin & Hair Care, Urban Hydration, Audrey Olivia, and Inspire Psyche Terry.

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