Spring is here and it came bearing gifts! One being warmth and another being gym bodies. Most of us desire to have that body. You know the one I mean – with the tight waist & super plump backside putting the “high” in “behind.” To get that infamous “junk in the trunk” hours are spent in the gym in Squat Mode. And because we know you have to eat as clean as you squat deep, the hardy chillies of winter, are swapped for spring salads. How could a salad go wrong, right? Unfortunately, it can. Here are 5 tips to keep the junk off your salad.

spring salad

Keep it simple

Try choosing only 2 – 3 toppings for your salad.

It’s salad, not soup

Instead of drowning your salad in dressing, try using only a tablespoon. A little goes a long way.

Pick 1 protein

Ex: eggs, tuna, chicken or shrimp….unnecessary calories.

Color splash

Choose veggies of varying color. This ensures you’re getting a great mix of nutrients.

Fresh and fruity

Have a fruit salad or add some fresh fruit to your veggie salad for variety.

To help you eat as clean as you squat deep and put the junk in your trunk, use these tips to keep the junk off your salad. Don’t forget to be creative with it. Bon Apetite!