It’s time to get ready for the day; you get dressed, fix your hair, and make some breakfast all before it’s time to run out the house, so you aren’t deemed late. You take one last look and realize you could use some makeup but honestly don’t have the time to do all that you’d like to do.. Guess that’s what happens when you prefer sleep over beauty huh? Just kidding, but if you are a person who doesn’t quite have time for a full face of makeup in the AM, here are some quick and simple makeup applications for still looking glam when you’re on the go.

Fix the brows. This is super fast and easy, it literally takes all of two minutes. I don’t mean do the beat face brows either, (that’ll look weird anyway on a bare face), I mean taking a spooly brush and brushing your brows in place so they don’t look unnecessary. You can even use a brow pencil to only fill in the spaces, again no beat brows here. Simply brush and fill.

Use tinted moisturizer. It’ll be a life saver and you won’t even realize it. A tinted moisturizer gives you a light coverage such as foundation but with the feel of any everyday moisturizer. It’s super lightweight and doesn’t give you the feel of wearing makeup at all. It’s super fast to apply and doesn’t involve much!

Apply a lip tint. If you want to add a little splash to your lips, but not too dramatic – do a lip tint. It’s a light gloss with color that is very subtle yet noticeable and pretty.

Then light mascara. Do about three quick curls, that’ll help get some product on your lashes super fast and make you seem more awake than you probably are.

And Blush. – By just adding a pop of blush to your cheeks, you will look much more present.. Almost as if the life was just given back to you. A rosey pink or bronze-ish brown are subtle enough to still show color without looking dramatic.

These quick makeup applications are perfect for quickly putting on as you’re running out the door. You can do it all at once, or even just do one makeup product at a time. Either way, it’ll help make a difference!