On June 18th, the buzz at The Standard Hotel in New York City was electric as TV One unveiled its highly anticipated new series, “Raising Fame,” hosted by the beloved NBA moms Sonya Curry and Lucille O’Neal. This exclusive event drew an eager crowd, all excited to witness a sneak peek of the intimate series that promises to reveal unforgettable stories and moving discussions with the people who raised some of the world’s biggest icons.

The evening began with a lively cocktail hour, where guests mingled and enjoyed a selection of exquisite appetizers and drinks. The atmosphere was one of excitement and anticipation, with conversations buzzing about the new show and the star-studded lineup of celebrity families it would feature. Attendees included notable figures from the entertainment industry, media representatives, and fans of both hosts and their famous children.

As the cocktail hour concluded, attendees were ushered into a beautifully arranged screening room where the premiere of exclusive clips from “Raising Fame” was set to take place. The lights dimmed, and the screen lit up, introducing the audience to the heartfelt and candid nature of the series. The premiere showcased snippets of the hosts visiting the homes and local communities of various superstars’ parents. The clips included touching moments and funny family stories that gave an intimate glimpse into the upbringing of these icons.

Among the highlights were segments featuring the parents of Usher, Fantasia, Magic Johnson, Danielle Brooks, John Legend, Shaquille O’Neal, Billy Porter, the late Chadwick Boseman, Chance the Rapper, Kevin Durant, and Jon Batiste. Each story was unique, shedding light on the challenges and triumphs faced by the families as they supported their children’s rise to fame. The raw emotions and genuine conversations left many in the audience moved and eager for more.

Following the premiere, the spotlight shifted to the stage where Sonya Curry and Lucille O’Neal, both radiant and charismatic, were ready to engage in a Q&A session. The room fell silent as they began to share their experiences, both as mothers of famous athletes and as hosts of the show. Sonya Curry, mother of NBA superstar Stephen Curry, spoke about the inspiration behind “Raising Fame” and the importance of giving a voice to the families who played crucial roles in the success of their children.

Lucille O’Neal, mother of NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, added her insights, emphasizing the significance of understanding the journey behind the fame. She discussed how the series not only celebrates the accomplishments of the stars but also honors the sacrifices and dedication of their families. The Q&A session was a blend of humor, heartfelt moments, and profound reflections, showcasing the genuine bond and chemistry between the two hosts.

One particularly touching moment was when Lucille recounted a story about Shaquille’s early years, drawing laughter and tears from the audience. Sonya shared anecdotes about raising Stephen and the values she instilled in him, resonating deeply with the parents in the room. Their stories highlighted the universal themes of love, resilience, and the impact of a supportive family.

The event concluded with a standing ovation for Sonya and Lucille, as well as for the entire production team behind “Raising Fame.” Attendees left with a renewed appreciation for the behind-the-scenes stories of their favorite icons and a sense of excitement for the series premiere on July 7th at 10p/9c on TV One.

“Raising Fame” promises to be more than just a show; it is a heartfelt journey into the lives of the families who nurtured and supported some of the most influential figures in music, sports, business, TV, and film. As Sonya Curry and Lucille O’Neal take viewers into the homes and hearts of these families, they uncover the untold stories that shaped the icons we admire today. Don’t miss this remarkable series that bridges the gap between fame and family, revealing the true essence of what it means to raise a star.