Los Angeles, California is the home of recording artist, Khyran Shank who is better known as Shank Da Rookie. His sound is unique yet very lyrical. When asked how you define your sound, he was quoted saying “my music takes people to a different state of mind.”

Inspiring others is the focus for Shank Da Rookie. He credits his family and his life experiences as being his inspiration behind his growing music career and content. Shank Da Rookie risked it all just to extend his brand in both entrepreneurship and in entertainment. Being the owner of his own entertainment label, Sup’r Cool, he has seen his success grow in directions that he never imagined. Releasing his first studio album “Nostalgia”, he has seen quite a bit of success from his singles that included songs like “Late Nights,” “Anytime,” and “Juveniles (G-mix).”

He is ready to make his mark in the music business, with the release of his leading single “Late Nights” from his new “Nostalgia” project, he is definitely delivering something new to the industry. The unique sound of his music has managed to capture the attention of fans nationwide. His latest single, “Late Nights” is a heavy based record with a sample from the memorable 1989 hit “Lonely” by the iconic Janet Jackson!

Acting has also became a new passion of his. Shank has been working on set consistently and has appeared as a background for such shows as Insecure, SWAT, American Princess and the Netflix movie Dolemite. Shank is also currently working on a new business venture alongside his manager King Davis that will include clothing, technology and an expansion of Sup’r Cool in the entertainment world.

What sparked your passion for music?

I’d say what sparked my passion was really listening to myself rap over a mic, at first I was absolutely horrible, like just horrid! However, something in me wanted to see if I could be better. My track teammates and I laid down a track and I wanted to be better than them, so I practiced and practiced, practiced! My passion for learning and wanting to challenge myself sparked that love for music.

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What message do you aim to send to listeners of your music?

My message is that anything you do is Sup’r Cool! Being yourself is the best thing you can ever be in life, there’s not a problem with liking certain things because it’s not the norm! For example, I absolutely love anime! I’ve referenced so many shows with my music and people can’t believe it because of how I carry myself and I’m trying to break that stereotype! You can be cool and be a nerd!

How has music changed your life?

Music has allowed me to express myself in ways I’d never thought I could! It’s allowed me to experience new heights and opportunities I never thought I’d be able to get. I thank God for this gift!

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