Have you given your body a tune up lately? If not, A.D. Dolphin is here to help!

I had an amazing opportunity to interview the mastermind behind one of the largest herbal supplement companies on the market, A.D. Dolphin. From conceptualization to supply and demand, A.D. is proof that when you make it your business to help others, your gifts will indeed make room for you.

What prompted you to start Dherbs?

I use to play basketball in Australia. I got hurt and I ended up coming home and noticed that I started gaining weight. I had a girlfriend at the time that introduced me to cleansing and detoxing. So I created a small team with my brother, and we came up with a full body cleanse. I formed the cleanse which is essentially a combination of what everyone was already following. While everyone was concerned with selling, I placed my focus on educating.


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