When I open my Fearless AF Flower Obsession Hoops’ box to accessorize my look, the note inside encourages me, giving me just what I need to start my day.

I was made for you with <3

 I can’t help but smile at the words. Looking in the mirror, my outfit is casual and comfortable—my media job office doesn’t have much of a dress code—consisting of skinny jeans, a knit sweater, and a pair of flats. It’s the hoops though, which add just enough sparkle, enough glam to the outfit that brings out my confidence. Yeah, I know now that no matter what comes my way, I can be #fearlessAF.

The Fearless AF Flower Obsession Hoops are a completely different experience than your typical earrings. Putting them on instantly empowers and adds a level of glamour to any outfit. Lately, whenever I want to elevate a look or just want to feel my best, I gravitate towards these earrings.

An amazing aspect of every product from Fearless AF is the empowering message inscribed in each item. For instance, with the Flower Obsession Hoops, on the inside of the earring, the message is “she believed she could so she did.” What a beautiful bit of wisdom for those days when you’re not feeling you’re best or those other days when you’re more than ready to rock out.

The overall mission at Fearless is to empower, inspire, and move you. The brand is inclusively minded in its representations of art, nature, and feminist energies. Adding to this very unique piece is eco–friendly and hypoallergenic. Fearless also donates, “…10% of net profits to NGOs and non-profits whose mission is to empower women and girls both locally and globally.”

So I have just one question: Are you going to take the initiative and be Fearless AF?

If so, head over to their website now!

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