The new season of Hit the Floor has been stirring up a bit of buzz as the premiere approaches. The third season is coming back sexier than ever with dangerously enticing plot twists, surprise guest stars and the good ole fashion cliff hanger that the scripted nighttime soap is best known for. Salacious, intense and exquisite are the words that the series star, Rob Riley, uses to describe season three.  I had the opportunity to sit down with Rob, who plays Terrance, a driven athlete who now has to be tended to by his devilish cheerleading girlfriend, Jelena, played by Logan Browning.

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Robert Christopher Riley is not only one of the hottest stars in the scripted drama, but a Broadway actor as well as the founder of Hollywood Massive Productions LLC, a production company based out of Los Angeles.  “Terrance has aspirations. He knows his career is coming to a close. Most intelligent athletes, Terrance [considers] to be one of them, start to position themselves for the next phase of their life. So, we’ll see where that takes his mind, and whether or not it’s something that Jelena is in tune with,” says Rob. “Hit the Floor is like pepper sauce. It’s sweet, but spicy! This is a show that you can count on to be sexy and fun. It will make you want to tune in the next week, talk about it at work and on social media.”

Rob is a proud ambassador of his Caribbean culture, his mother is from Trinidad & Tobago and his father was born in Barbados. Through his production company, he is producing a carnival docu-series, which covers the annual LA culture festival that takes place during the summer in Hollywood, California.  Keeping quiet about what is next for him, time will only tell what this heartthrob has cooking up in his curry stew. Be sure to tune into Hit the Floor as it returns for its third season on Monday, January 18th at 10pm on VH1.