If there were ever an impressive balancing between careers and passion, actress Bethany Brown has it down packed. She currently stars as rookie detective Bethany Doyle in season 4 of The Audience Network show, Rogue, and has started work on two animated shows, one which is being executive produced by Smokey Robinson. Brown also has her Masters degree in occupational therapy and occasionally acts and sees clients during the same week. She told us, “some weeks have been pretty awesome. Some weeks are not as awesome. Some weeks, it’s been like 80 to 100 hours a week and you’re wondering how you’re going to get time to sleep. At one point, I was working nights, we had night shoots on Rogue and I was working mornings as an occupational therapist.”

She got into acting through her musical talents, which her mother discovered at an early age after she was caught imitating her brother’s piano playing, but performing didn’t come as natural at first, she struggled with stage fright and only eased into the art after some encouragement and help from a supportive violin teacher. She describes her sound as difficult to define, but Brown has dabbled in everything from classical music to jazz to cajun fiddling and lately, most of her work has been in the electronic music realm where she has been able to explore and have some fun with her sound. Her sound also changes with the content as Brown says, “right now I’m singing on animated shows so I will tailor my sound to whatever is needed on that show or depending on the character.”

She has done voiceover work in the Barbie animated movie franchise, the Netflix series, Beat Bugs, and two projects that are currently being produced. “Most of the animated work is incredible humor, it’s for kids, so you get to go above and beyond and you don’t have to worry about how your face looks, or what you’re wearing, or how your body is positioned. All you have to do is get that emotion with your voice.” Brown enjoys the best of both film production worlds, but does emphasize that when involved on set with a crew and actors, the feeling is more communal and organic. On camera, actors become more aware of their surrounding, their body movements, and their interaction habits, what makes the experience genuine for the actress are the little pieces of conversation, on or off set, that creates a familial bond, ” a magical level of connection that you achieve with all the other cast[members]”, leaving one feeling elated and ecstatic to be working in that creative field as she puts it.

Actress, musician, occupational therapist, superwoman, and ecological warrior. Brown seems to do it all, as she is also involved with The Rainforest Pavilion, an idea that sprouted with one of her best friends while they were touring Southeast Asia. “We became really ecologically conscious and understanding about our footprint and how it affects the world and how it affects the environment. We had been thinking, is there a way to be more conscious in everything we do? Is there a way to give back to the environment that give us so much?” And they did! Her friend linked up with Cuipo, a lifestyle brand dedicated to rainforest conservation that purchases square meters of rainforest in South America and transitioned the idea to Thailand. The Rainforest Pavilion has now become a green party, literally, where musical acts (such as Bethany Brown) perform in the Thai rainforest and raise funds to to purchase rainforest and ecological conservation.

Her repertoire is more than just impressive, it’s inspiring, and by glancing at her Instagram, you will be just as drawn to her perfectly poised coils, so we asked for some tips!

“I try to do as little as possible and keep my hair as natural as possible. The majority of the products that I use are moisture infusing because I find that my hair gets pretty dry pretty quick. I will usually comb my hair with cream, rinse in the shower or whatever moisturizing products are in the shower then I whip it.” [Yes, she literally whips her head, like the Willow Smith song] “It forms individual curls by itself and it curls up into those individual strands.”

Her recommendation to keeping it tamed and locked? Reduce the use of extra heat, dye it as little as possible, and continue to keep your hair as natural and healthy as possible!

You can catch Bethany Brown on Rogue at 9 p.m. EST/PST on the Audience Network

Image by Harry Leonard