By:  Maxine Beneba Clarke

Released: January 03, 2017

Many imagine picturesque and serene scenes of other countries. The tourists’ spots, movie scenes, and little snippets from books we’ve read. Maxine Beneba Clarke reveals a different landscape as she pans her pen across the globe with short stories from different countries and cities exposing the similarities between cultures and countries. Every story comes with a different voice, a different struggle, a different sacrifice, and hidden triumphs.

Maxine, an editor, novelist, and poet, invites readers to explore other areas of the world with her international stories that travel from France to Australia to Jamaica. A new voice to fiction comes with a new vision that all readers will find captivating and mind changing as she gives perspectives of those that have been neglected. It will definitely encourage readers to be empathetic, sympathetic, motivated, and down for the cause.


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