Kevin Norman could have easily been a statistic, but he’s taken a different route. While his past mistakes are dried in ink, he gets to write his own future.

If you’ve ever thought your past would hold you back from a productive future, think again. Kevin Norman, author and radio personality, is proof that a jack of many trades can benefit more than a jack of one. Norman is into it all. He went to college for computer programming before switching to marketing retail only to go full-time into radio. If that isn’t random enough for you, check out his past.

In 2000, Kevin Norman went to prison for 12 years for a few armed robberies. While there, he found himself indulged in many books, some of which he could have cared less for. It was his dislike for those books that sparked his creative thoughts to begin writing his own. He began writing books in or around 2002 and completed three books while there. From one of those books came Thrill Seekers. It’s an electrifying, dark novel that may frighten the faint of heart and wreck the nerves of light readers. A squad, filled with teens, takes it upon themselves to wreck havoc on the city of Fayetteville, N.C. Unbeknownst to them, they befriend a serial killer. The same serial killer that a silver spoon detective is charged to find, but a keen-eye, witty photographer may have a leg up on solving the mystery first. With so much going on, the action and suspense will keep audiences enthralled and wanting to know if the teenagers make it out alive.

Although a real life connection would have made Norman a living spectacle, it’s all based on imagination. Spending a majority of his life in Fayetteville, it was an easy decision to make it the story’s back drop. He is hoping to one day turn this thriller into a movie and make Fayetteville “baby Hollywood.” Thrill Seekers is for pure entertainment, but a statement is still being made.

“… black authors don’t always write about the hood, that’s what I want them [readers] to see,” says Norman.

As it can be expected, Kevin is working on a few other projects. A YouTube channel for Independent artists called Indierules101, where he will help artists break into the music industry. He’s writing screenplays, doing a bit of acting and working on expanding his brand as far as hosting and the likes. In accordance with his projects, Norman spends his spare time dibbing and dabbing in quite a bit of activities like videography, playing sports, laser tag and oh, yeah, parasailing?

Kevin is 34 years old, currently in a relationship and no kids thus far.

If your thoughts haven’t changed by now, Kevin has a message for you, “If you have a dream, a passion, pursue it.” He points out that, today, people have information readily available at their disposal. Regardless of one’s past, he encourages readers to go for their dreams if they want it bad enough, but achieve those dreams honestly.

“Do it legitimately and keep your faith,” says Kevin. “Whatever your foundation is, stick to it.”