By: Marc Lamont Hill

Released: July 26, 2016

Race became a thing people no longer spoke of, except those brave enough to deal with rhetoric from the disillusioned that believed race was not an issue. While times have changed, issues with race have remained a constant. The once disillusioned can clearly see what many have pointed out for years. Marc Hill is leading the blind with his new book, Nobody: Casualties of America’s War on the Vulnerable, from Ferguson to Flint and Beyond. Hill talks about the killings of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray and others killed by police or citizens with nerves to act above the law. He even touches on the water crisis in Flint, Michigan and its not-so surprising victims. Hill not only recalls these events, and others like it, he provides readers with reasons why this is still happening today: class, race, redistricting and redlining, and even laws that were put in place with failure lurking not far behind. Nobody is sure to be a conversation starter, ender and interrupter with its deep analysis and scholarly research on the past and current structure of America.


Marc Lamont Hill couldn’t have written Nobody at a more apt time. With the most recent events surrounding Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and the police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge, LA, Nobody will open minds, ears and eyes to the truth of the great America. It’s where readers will either discover they are nobody or that they know a nobody, and do what needs to be done so that we can all be somebody.

Author Marc Lamont Hill

Author Marc Lamont Hill


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