How it all got started…

Tray Chaney has never been a shy individual when it comes to the entertainment industry. Starting out at only eight years old and dancing at the Amateur night Apollo, he stole the crowd’s hearts.

“I just make the steps up as I go. I just want to dance and make money” (eight-year-old Tray via YouTube)

He has won first place four times at the Apollo thanks to his manager who was his uncle.

“Lil Tray is his stage name and dancing is his main game”

Since dancing at the age of two, it landed him into big dreams and a humble heart down the road years later when he got into the acting scene.

Follow the Yellow Brick Acting Role…

His career as a dancer lasted until he was 18. He was then discovered by a woman named Linda Townsend right in his hometown of Washington D.C.  She saw something in him and wanted to represent him as an actor.

His first audition ever was HBO series, The Wire, he played the character Poot. He then later took the acting seriously as the recurring role of Poot for all five seasons from 2002 to 2008. Other films Tray was in was the Meek Mills Film titled “Streets,” The Jamesy Boy” for a soundtrack, and several others.

Chaney later landed another major role in Bounce TV’s number one show “Saints N Sinners” where he portrayed the character, Kendrick. Acting is definitely in his blood, but it doesn’t stop there because his hunger for acting has just got bigger! Tray just completed the short film called “The Portrait” directed by Alan Brooks which will air this year.

There are a lot of other projects that he is currently working on such as “Scott Free” with Snoop from The Wire written and directed by Fredason. Not only is he playing the lead role, but he got a chance to help produce the film as well. Good things come to those that wait! God is truly blessing Tray with this acting career and other things that he is working on.

“What keeps me motivate is my family, my wife of almost 14 years and my two kids,” states Chaney

Music is in his blood!

Tray started rapping at the age of 12 and took it seriously in his late teens; early 20’s. Tracy knows how to balance everything from the acting to the music and his entrepreneur duties taking on a very important project called “Dedicated Father Series.” His latest album “S.A.M.” which stands for “Strictly About Music” came from the idea that he wanted to let other people know that acting isn’t the only thing he does, so the album talks about real-life situations that he has been through as well. Special guest on the album, Kenny Lattimore dropped a few lines on the song “Love for You” which is dedicated to all the women in the world to uplift and empower women to be great no matter what they are going through.

“I’m happy about where it’s going. Everybody can really understand the lyrics. My main thing is doing the work and not focus on the outcome. I do the work and put it out and let the people decide on how they feel about it. It’s about overcoming trial and tribulations. You never know what a person is going through.” 

People can identify with who Tray is when it comes to the “S.A.M” album. He wants to see people who he is now through the music. He states the truth through each song that is relatable. He has done at least seven visuals for some of the songs which can be found on his YouTube page. Besides the music, Tray adds the educational piece to his albums as well such as “The Curriculum

“I wanted to touch on educational and uplifting music. I started a brand based on the actual music.   Along with that, I wanted to do a brand. Along with the music, is the t-shirts, the book “The Truth you can’t BeTray.” It got all types of great things to go with the music. These days it’s about branding and having a name attached to it. When I rap about different things, its’ personal. I don’t like putting phoniness’s in my music.”

With no label, he is strictly independent, writing and producing his own music. Everything you see is 100% authentic for Tray. Right now, he is currently working on his documentary called “Undeniable: The Tray Chaney Story” as far as the soundtrack. Putting out fresh material is a must and Tray is definitely giving us just that! He believes in moving forward and doing the work.

And there was the Dedicated Father Series

The dedicated Fathers came about because not only he wanted to attach the music and t-shirt brand, he wanted to do something visually by doing the videos to speak about the brand of dedicated fathers. He wanted to represent what he speaks about.

“I wanted to capture the fathers who really spoke about being an African American father in the community and the importance of it as well as in their household.   It is all about uplifting and empowering. On my YouTube page, I gave out awards to fathers live on my IG. I have three episodes so far speaking about the movement. This is something I’m more passionate about. I don’t get paid to be a father, this is something that I do. By promoting this type of brand, it makes me feel good not making tons of money off of it.”

Besides the visuals, you can also purchase the Dedicated Father or Dedicated Mother t-shirts on his website. And let’s not forget our young queens and kings, because the store offers the Dedicated Young Kings and Queen shirts as well. He has partnered with the Just For Us Foundation in D.C. They are always looking for sponsors to help support the series and the organization. He is putting together a tour in different cities to promote the education of The Dedicated Father Series for the future.

“Always having a passion and always having a dream, it just showed I never gave up. I’m not somebody who gives up. I keep going because God redirects my steps. I’m able to create content, I’m able to act, I’m able to rap. Once we put it out, it’s beyond our control.”

Besides being in the lights of acting, Tray has stepped out of the box to write his first short film called “Welcome to My Life” It is a short mini video series.

He lives by the quote “GOD gave us all the GIFT & ability to WORK, don’t focus so much on the outcome, Put In Work!”


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