If you don’t know her now, you’ll want to make sure you do. Samia Gore is a mother and wife that like many, searched for ways to get her body back after giving birth to her four children. Gore explored many plastic surgeries that didn’t quite have the best results. Well, this educated, strong woman began educating herself on the pros/cons of plastic surgery and the stigma within the African American community. In an exclusive interview with Sheen, Samia dishes on tips and how you can become educated on surgeries too!

Can you tell our readers a little about yourself?

I am a wife and mommy of four who embarked on my own plastic surgery journey over four years ago, which changed my life. Through sharing my own insecurities and experiences with plastic surgery on Instagram, I connected with others just like me, on a journey to be the best version of themselves. Today, we have a community of over 125,000 men and women who too are I understand the insecurities women have and use the BODY Bella Barbies community to grow a group of confident and empowered women. I believe that when women are properly informed about plastic surgery they can make healthier body choices. 

You’re open about your desire to explore plastic surgery, what can you tell us about the pros and cons, and the stigma within the African-American community? 

When I began my plastic surgery journey it was important for me to identify with those who looked like me and shared my experiences. When I started my blog in 2014 that was my goal to connect with others and share my experiences. What I found was there is certainly a stigma in the African American community when it comes to discussing certain procedures. Although we are breaking barriers when it comes to building the BODY by Bella Barbies community, which is vocal about various procedures performed, certain procedures such as Rhinoplasty are still considered taboo amongst the African American community. 

Pro– If done well, you typically look and feel better about your outwardly appearance.

Con– Risk of possible complications although rare do exist. You should be prepared and expect and anticipate the best outcome in your surgery however know and understand that results vary and in rare cases complications can be present so this is something you should mentally prepare for.

You’ve created a weight loss system; can you give us insight on that? 

I have struggled with my weight for years. After trying yoyo diets and pharmaceuticals which helped me lose weight but always brought it right back-plus 10 lbs. I was desperate for a real solution to not only help me lose weight but to keep it off! I worked with some of the top chemist in the world to develop The Slim ER Kit, which is designed to do just that, help you lose weight but also keep it off. It is a 3-part weight loss kit, which includes an appetite suppressant pill, non-hormonal HCG drops and b12 drops giving the boost of energy we all could use! The best part about the kit is that you can EAT. It comes with a food guide, sample menus, and weight loss tracker and encourages you to eat a minimum of 1200 calories daily ensuring safe and steady weight loss. This isn’t a gimmick or extreme diet. It doesn’t require your exercise. It just requires you take the products as instructed in your kit and follow the food plan. Most women can see up to 20 lbs. lost in 1 month using the kit and keeping it off is easy as the caloric restrictions while on the kit are minimal. 

Why do you think it is important for women to take care of their bodies and avoid multiple procedures? 

This is so very important. What I have noticed in my years is that many women seek additional either because they were not properly prepared before their first surgery OR after they fail to maintain their post operative results which almost always results in a desire for more surgery. This can be a dangerous and risky game to play as with more surgeries comes risk for more complications and possibly irreversible damage to your body. Therefore I am a staunch advocate for taking care of your body before and after surgery. It is always best to go into your surgery no more than 20 lbs. over your goal weight. Your best result will be achieved this way as well as you are less likely to need additional surgeries thus saving you time, money, and possible complications as noted above. 

What tips would you give to a workingwoman before considering plastic surgery?

  1. Leave options (SL. FMLA) -Telework/Work from home options may be a possibility
  2. Know how much this will cost you and make sure it is in your budget (surgery/post op care garments etc.)
  3. Be prepared for emergencies
  4. Type of work done and how that will impact you upon return (walking, sitting etc.)
  5. Discretion (get ready for people to start talking) how will you handle this?
  6. Workplace Stigmas (Is your shape appropriate for your workplace
  7. Rest is vital to recovery. If you are not working from home during this time, don’t. Don’t worry about work and really use this time to care for you and rest so when you return to work you are at your best and ready to get back in the game!
  8. Get Plastica! Plastica is the acclaimed step by step plastic surgery guide written by yours truly, which will walk you through each step on a plastic surgery journey. All of the questions you likely have are answered in this guide. Written from my own experiences, this guide is meant to make your journey organized, seamless, and worry free!

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