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What does a mother do when she watches her daughter’s confidence waiver because of her skin ailments?

Well, one mother Denise Rogers, flew into action, whipping up concoction after concoction of herbs, butters and creams until she had the perfect recipe to treat her daughter’s troublesome skin.

“My daughter Camryn,17, suffered from what’s called dysphoric eczema. An uncommon
form of 
eczema that caused painful blisters on the palms of her hands,
and inflammation to the joints of her fingers”

– Denise Rogers

Unbeknownst to entrepreneur, while helping her daughter, she curated a recipe for an entire skincare line, Seasons KISS that answered the prayers of people just like her daughter.

“After taking my daughter to lots of dermatologists and allergists, there was always
the standard “cortisone” creams given. It worked in the summer but did not work
in the winter months, so she dread the seasons changing due to outbreaks. As her mom,
I would say “one day the seasons will change and kiss you and things will be
better.” I began to revisit some of my great-grandmother, Sarah Farrell’s natural
remedies and saw a difference in my daughter’s skin and what she could tolerate.”

Seasons KISS’ products include a range of scented and unscented skincare products that are organic, vegan-friendly and plant based. Some of which, include Honeysuckle Body Crème’, Peach Apricot Body Crème’ and, most notable, Guava Body Crème’, which is packed with  Vitamin C, antioxidants and carotene—all great for the skin!

Sheen caught up with the mixologist who dished on the details of her skincare product line.

Why do you believe it’s important for skincare to be more holistic?

I believe it’s important for skincare to be holistic or natural because when I think of the word “skincare” I think of something that might care for our skin, not cause harm, or irritation like many harsh chemicals added to products on the market today. The truth is, we all have sensitive skin. Some of us have allergies, or skin conditions that cause our skin to be more sensitive than others.

How do you believe your products can improve the lives of your customers?

I was recently a vendor at the Miss DC and Miss Maryland pageant in Annapolis, Maryland where the reigning Queen Mrs., DC United States 2018, Su Joing Sollers shared with me how she had not been able to use skincare products with a scent on her skin in over 10 years due to allergies to the chemicals used in many products, until she tried Seasons KISS products. Su uses Seasons KISS everyday now on both her and her daughters. While at the same event, I met a lady named Sheila who shared a similar story. She said: “ Denise I usually can’t go near skincare products with scent, but I’m drawn to your table and everything smells so good I can’t believe I’m not itching.” She then took a sample of one of my top product, the Guava sugar scrub, rubbed it all over her hands, went in the restroom, rinsed it off and came out smiling. She said she even put some on her face without any reaction at all. Her happiness is what Seasons KISS is all about.

What makes your skincare line so unique?

I’d like to think what makes Seasons KISS products so unique is that although my products are natural, they aren’t boring. Seasons KISS is a fun product as well. It’s not only natural, but smells and feels amazing! And the moisture you receive when using the products on your skin lasts a very long time. Not to mention, I incorporate colors in my products using oils like sea buck thorn, or blue tansy, or minerals for all natural coloring. My packaging resembles what you might find in a spa. When creating my natural skincare line it was important to me that it included hints of light fragrances created from plants and herbs that were extracted into essential oils. I wanted to create an experience for customers that use my products. Seasons KISS delivers a natural, yet fun spa experience within the products with beautiful soft fragrance they can identify with that’s not overbearing and has vegan preservative that is plant-based as well.


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