We knew it was coming. But when it gets here, it’s still a surprise. Now there’s no turning back because the sun is out and the weather is nice! With that being said, spring is a time for branching out and trying new things and this year is no different. Everything from trying new treatments for healthier skin, to riskier nails, hair and style like no other is what’s in for 2017. Check out some of the latest trends to hit the scene that you can incorporate in your personal style or beauty regimen!

Dry Brushing

We use brushes for a variety of reasons. Our hair and teeth gets brushed but how about our skin? While “dry brushing’ is an ancient practice, it has been gaining modern popularity lately. So what is it? Well, its exactly as it sounds– brushing your skin with a dry brush. This usually takes place before showering.

This method can be used all over the body and has tons of benefits such as exfoliation, cleaning pores, increased energy and blood flow, as well as helping with cellulite!

Before you hop on this trend you’ve got to make sure you have the right brush. Selecting a brush is important because you want to have a brush with natural bristles because it’s the most beneficial for your body. The process is quite simple but can be time consuming so make sure that you are patient with yourself as you do this. Begin by starting at the soles of your feet and working your way up your body. Be sure to brush in the direction of your heart and in a circular motion as well.

Remember not to brush too hard! You don’t want to irritate your skin so be gentle. After you’ve brushed, you can shower and apply a natural lotion.


Clear Heels

There is a translucent heel trend circulating that has many people interested. It seems that one cannot scroll an Instagram feed without seeing this fancy footwear. It has clear detailing that can either be on the heel alone, the entire shoe, or just the straps and the best part is, it will obviously go with anything. So no more worrying about color-coordinating! It also, at the quickest glance, can appear that you have on no shoes at all or are walking on air! Either way, hopping on this trend is a good look for everyone. It’s versatile and effortless.


The Infamous High Bun

Ahh, the high bun. Who can go wrong with it? This classic hairstyle could never be a bad choice and has become to perfect go to when all else fails. Where there is spring, heat is not too far behind. A high bun is a cute and protective hairstyle and makes your face the focal point. So pin your hair up and let your beauty be the front runner!

Powdered Nails

Who doesn’t like to get their nails done and who doesn’t like to keep their nails healthy along the way?! This new nail trend is taking the nail industry by storm. The powdered nail or “dipping” nail method was created as a less damaging alternative to acrylic nails. It almost resembles magical dusts as it transforms to an even coat of paint.

The name itself explains the process. A base coat is applied first and then the nail is dipped into a powder. The process is repeated a couple of times depending on how many coats you want. Then, the rough, powdery layers are transformed into a smooth, glossy finish once a sealant is applied. Not only are the dipping powders quick and convenient, but they also last up to three weeks and last longer than gel nails! Your nails beneath will be just fine.

On top of everything else, this powdered take on a salon trip is being called the safest way to get nails done now. Words such as “safe” “organic” and “natural” are being tagged to this method. The powders don’t pose any inhalation threats and no possible skin damage from the UV lamp because it dries instantly! So if your anything like me, and always seems to mess up a nail almost immediately after leaving the salon, I’d say this is a suitable method to at least try. Plus, the faster your nails are done, the quicker you get to show them off to the world.


Featured Image: Shutterstock