Gwendolyn Boyd Moss has come back into the real estate industry again with FULL FORCE. Star of We Tv’s new reality tv series “ Selling It In The Atl,” Gwen talks being a new celebrity, a real estate mogul, and a mother raising a child with mental health concerns. Creator of a series of children’s books centered on the characteristics of children with special needs, Gwen is using her new platform in some of the best possible ways.

Tell us about the show,and your current role.

So basically it’s a reality show that highlights seven really diverse women in the real estate industry. We are all working different areas of town, some are investors, some work with athletes and entertainers. Where I come into play on Selling It In The Atl, I rejoined the real estate industry after three years not working due to a traumatic event. So since this is considered my return, they have labeled me the “come back “. I’ve pretty much been in the business longer than all of the other girls,  Close to 16 years. They labeled me the ‘Grandma Gwen’ on the first episode. Haha! Of course I am not a grandma, but I am one of the more seasoned on the show, with a very high clientele.

How do you like being on Reality TV? Are there any negatives?
Well, obviously reality TV gets a bad rap. It was actually a friend of mine who  is a part of reality TV that told me about the show, Sheree Whitfield who knew I was coming back into the business and thought it would be a great opportunity for me. I have been asked to do some other shows in the past but I have never been really sold on it because of the bad reputation reality TV shows for showing negativity all the time. What drew me to the show was showing women in a positive light, because I’m all about my business. I love Million Dollar Listing and HGTV, they are my guilty pleasure, so I thought if it was something like that it would be great. And now the show is sort of a mix between Million Dollar Listing and Married to Medicine. It is also a great platform for me. For me there is a lot I want to do as far as mental health because I do have a child with mental illness is. My oldest son Justin was diagnosed with Autism at age 3, and schizophrenia at age 14. So I thought this was a great opportunity for them to  show the perspective of parents with children with disabilities. I’m excited to use this as an opportunity to promote my children’s books, my nonprofit organization, and my plans for mental health awareness in general.
Brandon, Justin (JoJo), Damon
What advice do you have for parents raising children with mental health concerns?
For me the first and most important thing would be my faith and my relationship with God. I’m just a firm believer that if you had that, when your week he’ll make you strong. I know I could not have done this without my faith . Also, I would tell any parent, never let a diagnosis be a death to the dreams that you have for your child. I think that for most parents, We may get a diagnosis for our kids, and just crumble. As soon as you find out something is wrong with your child, every dream that you have for them seems to feel like it’s vanishing. You’ve got to try to keep trying, and rejoice and be glad in all of the things that they do. Maybe they won’t be the best person on the basketball team or they may not get the award for being the best math student, but it’s the small things. I always tell people he’s taught me more than I could’ve ever taught him because of his spirit. He never stays down, and he leaves his problems in the day before.
As a woman in the media, how do you feel about women’s roles in entertainment, good and bad? 
I think that women have to understand their power. I was raised by a very stern grandmother that taught me about being poised, being real, and having a voice. I feel like to some degree we’ve gotten away from that. We have women thinking that we need to use other things to get attention, but once we realize the power that we have, women will continue to be the key to everything. I do believe that a boy needs his dad to be a man, but I do believe that we bring a nurturing aspect that really cultivates who they become. We even cultivate who they choose in a woman and how they treat their women. I always say it starts with us. Sigmund Freud says that trust vs. mistrust first comes from the woman, So I think that is a really big thing. That is why so many men in that having bad relationships with women down the line. Women have to recognize their power, and stop belittling themselves to be a part of what they believe society wants. I think there is a lot of dumbing down right now just to not be lost.
Do you find reality tv and real estate similar in anyway?
The two don’t go hand in hand. When people ask me how it feels to be a reality TV star, I still really don’t even know how to answer that because my reality is really genuinely just my real life. I am so glad that WETV allowed me to show it the way I want to show it and not get caught up in negativity. But I definitely think since the show has aired its been great for business. Reality TV is hard work and a lot of hours. I can’t really work my business while filming the show, so I’m like ‘y’all  are messing with my business’. You’re filming and you’re working, so you have clients mad at you who can’t get what they need from you right away, so its kind of frustrating every now and then, but ask me that question again in a couple of months. Ha!
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