Known for feisty and at times, in-your-face-personality, reality star Jae Christian is the youngest realtor on WE tv’s new reality series, Selling It: In the ATL and is taking the cutthroat business by storm, proving she can hang with even the most seasoned in the industry.

“I feel like if you have the mindset of standing your ground, people have no choice but to look at you as equal,” she said.

The show highlights the lives of seven of Atlanta’s most powerful female real estate gurus and entrepreneurs who are taking full advantage of the recent financial growth and influx of fortune 500 businesses into the city.

If you’ve been tuning into the show, then you’ve gotten a front row seat to Christian’s passionate debates with her cast mates, but what fans haven’t seen, is the reality star’s superb business skill and foresight.

“You really didn’t get to see me doing business. I didn’t think you could see Jae as the agent. I really wish people would have gotten to see that more,” she retorts.

Though the 27-year-old has been a real estate agent for just under two years, she’s making a name for herself as a driven and focused business women strategically focusing on first time home buyers as her target demographic—something she asserts is a part of her personal effort to increase home ownership and financial security amongst the city’s up and coming African-American young professionals. “I work with a lot of first time home buyers. I’m really passionate about homeownership and educating people because I want to see more young black young professionals buying homes,” she explains.

While it may appear the Nashville, Tenn., native is an overnight sensation, she explains her success did not come without its fair share of trial and tribulations. From graduating with a degree she was unsure of, to moving back home with her mother for a year, Christian’s journey has been full of highs and lows that, she notes, taught her an important life lesson of perseverance.

It is these experiences that continue to be the driving force behind the young reality star’s relentless work ethic and dedication to professional and personal development, which she hopes to pass down to future generations of young women.

As her career continues to unfold, Christian’s next steps, she says, are getting her broker’s license, expanding her brand and tapping into Atlanta’s luxury market.