With many people turning to natural products for their skin and hair, many companies are advertising natural ingredients in their products to appease the consumers, however not all companies are telling the truth. Serein Naturals is one of those companies that actually sell natural products that are also handmade. Take a exclusive look into the natural beauty line that is quickly increasing in popularity.

Why did you create Serein Naturals?

Serein Naturals was created to encourage people to care for their hair and body naturally. Through research we found that many popular hair and skin care companies that claim to have safe ingredients sell products containing harmful toxins and chemicals. We were tired of paying top dollar for products that are counterproductive, so we created a line, naturally safe for the whole family. 

What makes your products different than others on the market?

What makes Serein Naturals different is that we created products using all natural ingredients that do not disturb the chemistry of the body, but aids in balancing it. We never use perfume or fragrance oils in our products which would do more harm than good. We add no fillers and nothing you cannot pronounce or understand the purpose of the ingredient. All of our products are handmade! We take pride in our work and every batch is made fresh with natural products and a lot of love.

Our products are also very versatile! For example, we offer Serein Naturals Body Sugar Scrub that gives you this amazing glow, they smell incredible, and leave your skin clean, polished and surprisingly tasty! You can use it all over your body, including face & lips.

You also can use our Hair Gold product in multiple ways. I like to mix some in my favorite loc gel when I twist my family’s locs for a radiate shine and to promote hair growth. I’ve also used it as a hot oil treatment. Our clients receive many compliments on how their hair looks, smells, and has been transformed after using Hair Gold.

What is a common myth about natural hair?

The shrinkage myth along with black women only have short hair. Research shows every nationality’s hair grows at the same rate. In the black community when you grow your hair in its natural form, it’s tightly coiled giving the appearance that your hair is shorter than it really is. With relaxed hair, it gives you the actually length because your hair is permanently stretched out using chemicals. The good thing is that more people are seeing that with natural hair you can have length, versatility, and overall healthier hair, including your follicles and scalp!

How do you know if going natural is right for you?

Returning natural is right for everyone, but truly only for those who are willing to invest in the health of their hair. If you believe style is the #1 priority of your hair and are willing to put tension on your scalp and edges, sacrifice a healthy, supple scalp for convenient styles that prevent daily hair moisturizing, and possible permanently damage your hair follicles, then continue the unhealthy path. When all women realize that with effort, there is a perfect balance between healthy hair and great styling, then we believe everyone will appreciate their own hair and actually want to see it flourish and styled naturally. To us, natural means embracing your hair in all states whether, straight, curly, in braids, and rocking it with confidence.

Why was it important for you to make your products out of organic ingredients?

It’s important to use organic ingredients whenever possible for a lot of the same reasons it’s important to eat organic food. Whatever you put in your hair and on your skin will be absorbed into the bloodstream. We only get one body and if you truly want to put what’s best for you in and on your temple then using organic ingredients free from harmful pesticides is the smartest choice. Our team is very intentional! Women (and men) have a history of putting our temples under constant chemical abuse in the name of “beauty;” we wanted to create a product that was as close to nature as possible, gentle, and something everyone in the family can use and benefit from.

What’s next for you?

Serein Naturals recently wrapped up our product launch at the World Natural Hair Show in Atlanta and will be travelling to our hometown Grand Rapids, Michigan for the Spring is in the Hair 2nd Annual Natural Hair Show & Expo (presented by Beauty of Tziyon and Natural Hair). Serein Naturals will be launching our website soon where we will have natural lotions, deodorants, sea salt soaks, body sugar scrubs, lip balm, Hair Gold, and much more. We are also looking forward to speaking engagements on the benefits of all natural and organic hair & body care. Please support your community and follow us on Facebook @sereinnaturals and Instagram @sereinnaturals to stay up-to-date on new products and events.