Get ready to set sail and go on the ULTIMATE EXCURSION to the Bahamas with some of the industry’s elite. Hosted by Toya Wright, this grand sea event will take place on a Carnival Fantasy cruise ship leaving from Miami, Florida which the destination of Nassau, Bahamas during Labor Day Weekend 2016. The Ultimate Retreat- Atlanta Meet and Greet was held at the Atlantis Mediterranean Restaurant located in the upscale Buckhead (Atlanta) area.

This networking event allowed for business owners and individuals who will be attending the Ultimate Retreat to meet and mingle prior to the end of the summer event. The atmosphere of the night allowed attendee’s to get a feel of what is to come on the actual cruise, from the passports, to the boarding pass and the luggage; each person felt like they were actually sailing. No networking mixer is complete without perks and guests enjoyed good food, drinks, music and meeting Atlanta’s elite entrepreneurs.

In true entrepreneur spirit, the night also incorporated a presentation with some dynamic speakers including SHEEN Magazine Editor and Chief; Sammi Haynes, We TV’s Cutting it in the ATL; Mushiya, We TV’s Selling it in the ATL; A’Lana Banks, Status Publicity; Michael Majesty, Recording Artist; D. Woods, VH1’s Couples Therapy; Kelsey Nykole and Author Dr. Ja’el Reese.

The ultimate surprise guest Mrs. Wright stopped in to greet attendee’s. In preparation for the Ultimate Retreat, the crowd learned what is to come on the retreat and the importance of having a retreat where businesses and entrepreneurs can be exposed in such a large capacity.

Star of We TV’s Selling it in the ATL; A’lana said; “I believe that this is a great event and its something that has never been done before. I’m very excited because it’s my birthday weekend and speaking with Toya, she spoke very highly of the cruise and it’s the perfect time of the year and it’s the holiday. We will be going with some of the most high energy females and they are so strong and ready to be empowered.”

So what can you expect on the Ultimate Retreat? Empowerment, Celebrities, Workshops, Concerts and Fun. Be sure to book your cabins today.