She is a young lady who has ambition and the passion to help women look and feel beautiful.

That’s what I got from Takia Tyson, owner of Hairmisses. Hairmisses is a product and service that caters to all divas to make them look amazing and feel like a “hairmisses.” Like Takia says, “any woman who protects and maintains her crown is a hairmisses.”

Tell me more on how you got into the industry of hair. Who or what were you inspired by?

I’ve been doing hair since I was 13. You know at that age in middle school, most of the time parents don’t really want to do your hair (laughs). People started seeing my hair and wondered who did it. So it became a hobby for me and at first, I would do it for free. At the age of 15 is when I started charging people. That’s really how I got into doing hair and the industry and it makes me feel great when people love the work I do.

On your website, your mission states “to make women feel beautiful from the inside out.” What does that saying mean to you as a person?

I feel that as a stylist it’s not really my job to be a therapist per say, but to let my clients know that it’s not always about how you look on the outside but how you feel on the inside as well. I do my best to make sure that they are comfortable with their hairstyle and that they know how to maintain it. That’s where the hot tools come in.To me, it’s all about the convenience of everything. Why pay $100+ to get your hair done and not know how to maintain it? It’s my job to motivate women and let them know “hey, do some things yourself.”


What sets Hairmisses apart from other salons and products? Why do you call it a “diverse beauty depot?”

Well, the main thing is that most of us get into the business for the funds aspect of it. However, that’s not my only target. My complete goal from day one was doing something I love. As I said, for about 2 to 3 years when I first started, I was doing hair for free. I’ve always been motivated to make women feel beautiful inside and out and to give them quality service. I feel that’s what sets me apart. I’m so hands on with my clients and of course my products. I give 100% in each area. I call and check with my clients if they order a product and make sure it’s working for them. So it’s all about being personal with the client.

Do you have a location in Detroit? Also, do you have plans to expand your business nationwide?

That’s my number one goal and I plan to definitely do that. I don’t actually have my own location yet, and I work out of a salon. I really want my own salon because I want my clients to feel a certain way. I want my clients to feel welcome, so when they come they’ll get complimentary water, snacks, headache medicine because we all know sew ins can get tight (laughs), and much more. I want it to be a really nice vibe and have a home feeling. I will definitely start here at home in Detroit and I want to broaden my horizons and have locations in Miami, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

edit hair misses wand

Tell me about your products. I especially want to know more about the tourmaline curling wand.

That was my first business venture and it was scary for me. It basically came about because I have all these clients who want different curls. Who wants to spend $100 or more per curling iron when you can have one all-in-one? So that’s when a lightbulb went off and I wanted to produce my own. Also I was tired of flat irons that didn’t work for me, so another light bulb went off and on December 1st, I’ll be releasing my flat iron and blow dryer edition. As I said it was scary for me at first because I wanted this to go well. I used my own money with no loans taken out at all and put my all into this. Sometimes if you want something to work you have to step out on faith.

Keep an eye out for Takia and the evolution of her business and brand. HairMisses tools can be found online at