I was able to attend Jack Daniels’ Reel to Reel in Los Angeles which they had actor, director, and producer Robert Townsend. We were able to sit down with the legend for an exclusive which we were able to talk BAPS reboot, the current state of film and tv and upcoming creators.

In the season of reboots, Townsend decided to tweet about a possible reboot of his classic movie BAPS. The tweet went viral and black Twitter went crazy. Townsend informed us that he never knows how the audience will take his ideas but he wasn’t expecting such a crazy reaction. He informed us that the rap group City Girls reached out to him about participating in the reboot and Halle Berry gave him her blessing. Now the reboot has not been set in stone, but it’s definitely a possibility. Townsend stated that he wants to work on new projects currently and that Jordan Peele has inspired him to start back creating.

When asked how does he make the next project than the last he says he doesn’t try it just comes to him and he does it and people just naturally love it. He shares that he does so many different types of movies he never knows how the audience will perceive it.

Check out the full interview below!

Featured Image by Alston Media Group | Instagram