When you can smell decadent sweet scents of blueberries before opening your package, you know you’ve chosen the right bath and body products. Atlanta Bath Company is on a mission to create euphoric experiences by offering organic and handcrafted bath and skin care products catering to the sweet tooth in all of us.

“Atlanta Bath Company is like a bakery, but for your bath. The driving force behind Atlanta Bath Company (ABC) was my desire to create extravagant and creative body care that was free of the harmful chemicals and cheap ingredients that the mundane products that your local grocery store aisle offered. It was important to me express my creativity through customized scents and designs that couldn’t be found anywhere else and to make sure that 90% of my ingredients were organic,”

– Founder and Owner, Shena Crawford.

With products like Champagne and Caramel Apple bath bombs to Red Velvet Cake soap, ABC offers a wide range of delectably delicious products that seem to come right from a gourmet bakery, all while nourishing the skin and body by omitting harmful chemicals found in traditional products, such as Butylphenyl Methylpropional—a fragrance ingredient used in many cosmetics products, which has also been identified by European standards as an allergen, according to Cosmetic Info. Instead, the artisan brand opts for holistic ingredients like palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil/rice bran oil, Shea butter, lye, water found in her fan favorite ‘Berry Delight Soap.’

Soothing to the senses, not only does the brand offer sweet treats, Crawford asserts her products can help ease body aches and offer relaxing aromatic blends.

We’re like your BFF that’s here to help you relax after a long day. We’re the BFF that helps your skin glow and help eases those tense muscles,” she notes.

Meticulously curating every ingredient, Crawford credits the beauty of mother nature as her main source of inspiration.

“Every month I sit down and map out my “bakery board,” and come up with designs and scents for the upcoming season. For Fall, I love Pumpkin Spice and Candy Apple and for Summer Blueberry Lemonade and Watermelon reigns supreme as the top two scents that I love,” she said, noting her creativity comes to life while developing the architectural designs of each piece. “Once I’ve narrowed down the scents, then I work on the design aspect. I could see a painting and draw inspiration from that or colors from an extravagant cake and decide that those colors would look amazing in my soap. Every detail is carefully mapped out so that the end product is something that is unique and hard to duplicate.”

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