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As a young girl, Jay Williams grew up in her mother’s salon where her love for beauty was curated. Like many young girls, her desire to be just like her biggest role model was a driving force behind her desire to own her own beauty business.

The serial entrepreneur went from selling for other companies to tapping into her own skills and developing her own cosmetic line called Jay-Jill Cosmetics in 2012.

“I got tired of working hard for their business I decided to tap
into my own talent and skills. Therefore, 
I figured if I can work hard for other makeup
companies I can work just as hard to build my own brand.”

Using her entrepreneurial intuition and love for the beauty industry, she cultivated a line with a wide-range of cosmetic products to offer. As a licensed esthetician and a certified makeup artist, she vowed to use health conscious ingredients.

“Jay-Jill Lipsticks are packed with Vitamin E and natural vanilla
extract. The Botanical Skin care such as the 
“Cleanse” is derived from coconut and sugar
beets, and contains chamomile, aloe, cucumbers and 
green tea to tighten and smooth the skin.”

Additionally, ingredients like high-definition pigments and star crystals make her products uniquely versatile to be applied on the eyes, skin, lips and even nail polish.

Recently Williams took her love for glam to new heights, creating Jay-Jill Glamtique–a a boutique specializing in makeup and skincare in Gainesville, Florida.

“I’m all about the “Glam.” I came up with “The Jay-Jill Glamtique” which isn’t your average boutique.
The  Jay-Jill Glamtique consist of everything from makeup to botanical skincare.”


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