I’m not the biggest nail fan, I’ll admit, but after finding up-and-coming nail polish company Nail Social Nail Brand on Instagram, I think I may have just been converted.

Developed in 2007, NBNB nail polishes are unique and beautiful, but what sets them apart, is that they are great for nails.

“We are 5 free and cruelty free, like many of the newer polish brands, yet we are handmade, and not a boutique. We also are incorporating vitamins in our polish, so it can be good for your nails as well. And mostly importantly, the pigments, glitters and sparkles that we use are not common.”

– Owner/Founder Tasia Collins.

The 32-year-old, self-proclaimed nail enthusiast prides herself on the meticulous process of creating just the right combination of pigmentation and color to create a masterpiece of polish.

“It doesn’t take long at all maybe 5-10 minutes for something really simple. If I’m trying to create a color, I might make 3 or 4 other colors along the way as well because I’m basically becoming an artist by mixing and making colors.”

Collins love for nails and making women feel beautiful has garnered her years of experience in the industry. If you’re in the market for new polish or tips on how to keep your nails healthy this spring, here are three nail lies to stop believing.

Nail Polish Remover Renews Old Polish

We all want to keep our current polish popping for as long as we can, however, according to Collins, one misconception she’s seen women subscribing to, is the belief that adding nail polish remover will make renew old polish. Stop adding nail polish remover to your nails, NOW!

Adding acetone or nail polish remover might initially loosen the polish, but by continuously adding it, it will destroy the formula and make a mess. Instead, she suggests finding adding a few drops of nail polish thinner.

Placing Nail Polish in Refrigerator Extends Lifespan

The urban legend that leaving nail polish in a refrigerator preserves its shelf life, is untrue. In fact, as Collins asserts, a simpler way to extend your favorite polish’s shelf life is to: store it in a cool place, make sure it’s sealed properly (room temperature and in an upright position and avoid condensation in the bottle.

Natural Nail Polish Are Less Quality

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for healthy nail polish options, even though many believe you will. With some nail polishes including chemicals such as: toluene—a chemical known to cause reproductive harm and dizziness, it’s almost a no-brainer to steer clear from these options for healthier nails. Collin’s cruelty-free nails are not tested on animals and are comparable to their chemical-friendly competitors. NSNB offer gorgeous vibrant colors and are heavily scrutinize before a new color is released.

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