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Summer is the season of fun, catching every inch of the sun kissing your skin, and living your best life. However, even this season can bring skin woes that aren’t so pleasant.

No worries! Sheen caught up with Swear Skincare Founder and Owner, Raneq Barber whose skincare company specializes in 100% vegan and organic skin care products. We chatted with the skin enthusiast to see how SC can aid some common summer skin issues.

How can your products help with that sticky oily feeling in the summer?

Baby Mist is formulated to prevent excess oil on the skin. It includes pH balancing rose water and witch hazel to reduce oil production, yet still leaving the skin soft.

Acne breakouts don’t take a vacation, how can I keep my skin glowing during the hotter months?

The Everything Mask stops acne breakouts with purifying clays that remove dirt, debris, and bacteria from pores.

Exposure to the sun can make us more vulnerable to uneven skin tones from UV exposure. What makes your products ideal to tackle this issue?

Glisten facial oil helps achieve an even skin tone. It is formulated with lemon oil that aids in reducing hyper-pigmentation from sun exposure. It is also made with tea tree oil to fight acne and jojoba oil balance oil production.

If you’re in the mood for more summer skin tips, be sure to visit Swear Skincare’s official website TODAY!

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