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It’s inevitable, you’re scrolling through your timeline and see all these bikini-proof beach bodies with beautiful hair and perfect skin, and think to yourself, “She’s #bodygoals.” Social media has a way of inadvertently making us all feel a little insecure about ourselves and our bodies, but no worries, you’re not alone.

Like many of us, Samia Gore struggled with self-esteem issues related directly to her body image and decide to create a system that didn’t just make her look good on the inside, but improved her health and body holistically.

She created The Body Complete Kit—an all-natural weight management kit that includes a metabolism booster supplement, B12, and HCG drops. After years of using the-the-counter supplements that simply did not work, she decided to take matters into her own and create a health-conscious supplement system that seriously inspire an overall body glow up!

Packed with some of mother nature’s powerful ingredients like green coffee beans, green tea and more, The Body Complete Kit works to not only improve hair, nails, and skin but your overall health as well.

The brand’s devote online community include women of all walks of life with a newfound lease on life and what it means to be beautiful.

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