Sheen continues to welcome you along our journey as we search for the best up-and-coming beauty brands delivering high-quality products in hair, makeup and skincare on our beauty tour.

Next up is House of Linnic. This unisex fragrance captures the sensual femininity of a woman and the musk of a male all in one. A unique blend of scents, Founder Lindsey-Nicole King effortlessly created a collection with the conscious – consumer in mind. A perfect blend of phthalate-free fragrances and essential oils, this parfum, according to the brand’s website offers an experience of travel and exploration. Additionally, proceeds from sales are also used to support women and children who are victims of various forms of abuse.

Sheen Magazine sat down with Lindsey who candidly opened up about the inspiration of her collection.

Where did the inspiration come from to create a unisex and travel-friendly fragrance line?

I was inspired to create a travel-friendly and unisex fragrance line when I lived in NYC. I was always on the go, like many people nowadays… I oftentimes traveled with my favorite bottle of perfume; although it was oddly shaped and simply inconvenient. I found myself wrapping the bottle in a piece of cloth to try to keep it from breaking in my purse. One day I thought, there has to be an easier way. Therefore, I sought to create an elevated collection of fragrances that traveled well, were unisex, and contained some pure ingredients. 

What makes your brand unique?

Our collection of Eau de Parfums are TSA compliant and are housed in a chic leather pouch to protect it during one’s travel whether they are going near or far. We also use a blend of essential oils and phthalate-free ingredients. 

Your products are natural, which my readers love. Tell me why using natural ingredients were a priority for you

I made it a priority to include some essential oils in the formula due to their therapeutic properties. Some essential oils are calming while others are energizing, etc. Therefore, when you spritz our Eau de Pafum throughout the day, it was my desire that it would re-center one’s thoughts and mind. 

Are your fragrances handmade?

All of our fragrances are currently artisan made in small batches. 

Want to know more about The House of Linnic? Visit there Instagram and pick your choice of exuberant scents today!



Featured Image obtained on the official House of Linnic website.