Over the weekend, SHEEN visited the 2018 New York Comic Con. More than 200,000 people were in attendance and for good reason. If you didn’t already know, Comic Con offers much more than just comics. There were hundreds of panels – 450 to be exact – about so many different topics, ranging from beauty and makeup tips for superheroes, to cosplay costume advice, how to be a bomb gamer, how to draw comic characters, and why representation and diversity is so important for culture.

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Adding to this, Danai Gurira, Mary J. Blige, half of Run-DMC, and the handsome Mark Ruffalo all turned up to support the comic book/video game/superhero enthusiasts. This isn’t even mentioning the movie premieres, the interactive exhibits, and autograph/photo-op sessions. But of course, the best part of Comic Con is the costumes. The art of cosplay is serious business! Some people spend the whole year making their costumes, waiting for Comic Con to roll around to show off their wonderful creations. Others, such as ourselves, who are either too busy to make a costume or don’t know anything about sewing, still get in on the fun though. So here are SHEEN Magazine’s top ten costumes from the 2018 New York Comic Con. Maybe one will inspire your Halloween costume!