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Rating Method:

  • Rated 1-5 in “Ears”
  • One as the least five as the max
  • Achieving 5 Ears will only be given to those who create total masterpieces

Megan Thee Stallion

Album: Fever

Hot Girl Megan Thee Stallion, AKA Tina Snow, pays homage to Pimp C – a total underground king and Texas screwed up legend – in her new album Fever. In Meg’s lyrics, you can hear the Pimp C influence, which is beautiful, almost as if Meg took a sip of Pimp C screwed up cup, and in that swig of syrup somehow downloaded into her body a pimped out male finessing, bootylicious and unabashed Hot Girl. The album is produced with hints of the late great down south groups such as UGK, Three 6 Mafi, and Lil Wayne. In the song “Cash Sh*t” (feat. DaBaby), she begins rapping with boisterous rhymes but brings the beat back like Lil Wayne with “Ask Dem Hoes” on Da Drought Is Over Part. 4. Since the album only has two features – DaBaby along with Juicy J – the listener really gets to listen to nothing but Meg and her precise pimpin’, male trickin’, dominating female lyrics, and it’s worth it! Simon says put yo hands on knees. Sheen says this album is Hot!

Flow 4

Delivery 5

Lyrics 4

Beat selection 4

Drip 4

Adlibs 3.5


Ears 4


Featured Image obtained on Megan thee Stallion’s official Instagram