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Money Man

Album title: Paranoia

Money Man. Money Man. Money Man. Say his name three times in the mirror, while listening to his new album Paranoia, and your ears will feel just that, paranoid. After a first listen you may be nervous because you’ll realize the album is just that addictive. It’s like putting a dose of audio cocaine directly into your ear. All 26 tracks on this album are sure to have you lusting for more. The cryptocurrency scammer, marijuana broker, somehow after buying his way out of his Cash Money Records’ deal for $250,000, is creating his own musical niche in trap rap, by releasing a mirage of mixtapes that are totally making him one of the most important trap/street rappers in the game right now. Paranoia opens with “Money Man Perry,” which depicts how Money Man’s life is a trapping, scamming movie, as well as songs like “Expression,” where he opens up his heart and shows his love and extreme need for narcotic sales, while also paying homage to trap legends, such as Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy. This a great album for any Money Man fan, as well as a great starting point for anyone new to the rapper that may want to dive into his musical catalog. Paranoia is damn near a street classic. Thank you, Money Man.

Flow 5

Delivery 5

Lyrics 4

Beat selection 4

Drip 3

Adlibs N/A

Ears: 4.2/5